PSRTV coverage update

There were some technical difficulties with the RaceCast, so it’s delaying for about an hour. New start in 35 minutes at 7pm gmt. The page of the coverage at PSRTV is getting quite a load obviously and got a MySQL-failure, we hope they fix this soon, may happen any minute.

In the meantime, my colleagues and I are already warming up for the interview. I bet it’ll be fun.

We are also in the chat, although we won’t be chatting simultanously: This takes alot of attention.

Update 19:11 gmt: Qualifying 1 just started, however I heard the video is not yet up. They are working on it.

Update 19 36 gmt: Either the load on the server is alot higher than anticipated or an DDOS-attack is running on the server. Ian is rotating to get it working.

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145 thoughts on “PSRTV coverage update”

  1. I don’t try, for once I don’t need to see it, and second I don’t have to be just another one to increase the load. And third, which I should cover some other time, I’m down with a cold and should be in bed.

  2. working now really good wow there is so many lockups they forgot to adjust their brake bias 🙂

    these commentators little over enthusiastic

    but mod sounds and looks amazing 🙂

  3. The best thing that CTDP should do is cancel the event at the very least the soonest possible.Whats the point of a live event when 80% of the users cant watch it?It would be more fair to call it a private race and noone would complain about it.As for the dos attacks..these are just ridiculous claimings imo.

  4. jajaja great action over there, Safety car has been deployed because the Michelin Tyre is bouncing and bouncing and bouncing,, great!!!!!

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