From the vaults

If you follow our Twitter, you may have already noticed, Dahie opened our vaults and started posting cars we created for our past mods to our Sketchfab account. One per month, we’ll add more of the known and lesser known cars from the mods and games we did and did not release.

You may have seen some cars before from the F1-2006 mod for rFactor.

In 2009 we had a collaboration with ImageSpace Inc bringing you the Superleague Formula 2009 game. If you are not one of the lucky few who purchased the game, this may be a new car few you. It drove amazing.

In 2009 to 2012, we were working hard to get the F1 season 1994 to rFactor which we ultimately had to stop. We were close to finishing some cars and here you can have a first-time view on what may have been.

Do you have any wishes on cars we should upload sooner rather than later? Let us know 😊

Opening our Video Museum

CTDP has been around for a long time. Much promotional videos we released were done before Youtube was big and before HD was a thing. To have videos online for posterity, we created a new (🤣) Youtube channel where we uploaded some promotional videos we did over the years for different projects. While we won’t bring any new addons, enjoy some nostalgia.

Teaser trailer for F1 2006. We never actually created a real intro video as we focused on getting the mod out.
For several years we have been working on our own rendition of the Monaco circuit. We got some support by ISI on this, but it was never finished. It was later the basis for ISI’s 1966 Monaco track.
For F1 2006, we created a new driver body that was fully animated. This is a rigging test we did.
In 2005 SBS asked as if they can use our track in their Coverage of the Bahrain GP 2005.
Simon Adebisi created this beautiful fan trailer for us

IFM 2009 v1.3 released

Well, it’s out, no big whoop.

Version 1.3 brings you some adjustments to the Force-Feedback and Proview settings. Thanks to SandroX we could also add improved damage textures and improved driver hands animations.

In Germany, today is Mother’s day, so how about, you show her your favorite racing sim today and have her try it for a few laps?!

IFM goes hillclimb with version 1.2

Two months after the initial release of the International Formula Master (IFM) addon for Assetto Corsa, we bring you version 1.2. This is not only a maintenance release, to address changes from the new version of AC, but brings you whole new content. The IFM was a supporting series during the European WTCC races from 2007 till 2009. The series was subsequently retired.  Several small independent teams have utilized, with success, the former IFM Tatuus cars for various Hill Climb Events and have entries in FIA’s European Hill Climb Series. You can now run these cars on the hillclimb tracks of Assetto Corsa.

Have a look at the Changelog to see all other changes this update brings you. Or go ahead and download.

Enjoy driving and keep the feedback coming!

Cough, silence, drumroll, open curtain.

Today, we are proud to announce and also release our newest game addon. We bring you the International Formula Masters 2009 series for Assetto Corsa.
This is our first addon for this game and the first addon release since 2010. While originally announced as testbed project for rFactor2, we switched to Assetto Corsa during production.

After stepping away from the modding community and going on a long hiatus of several years now for reasons already written, CTDP has chosen to complete the 2009 International Formula Masters series formula car for Assetto Corsa. With most of the model and texture work finished a while ago, James ‘Juluka’ Bendy took on the job of implementing the mod in AC. We worked hard to implement the features the platform is offering at this point. Along with developing the proper physics of the car and bringing the model to the platform standards of Assetto Corsa, our goal wass to provide a quality open-wheeled addition to this platform that is not only a great experience to drive, but also a competitive car that many drivers will find an attractive option for multiplayer use.

We hope you enjoy the new series as we are excited finishing this project.


To install, simply unzip the file “ifm_2009” and place it in the following location where your Assetto Corsa game file path is located:

(Your Drive Letter): Program Files (x86): Steam: SteamApps: common: assettocorsa: content: cars

As the car was developed and built by Tatuus, the car will be located In the car selection menu under the Tatuus Icon

McNolo’s Bahrain for rFactor 2 released

A year ago, McNolo was working on a conversion of CTDP’s Bahrain track to rFactor2. Today, he released his track to the public.

There are 5 layouts with 3 GP variants included with the track:

  • Grand Prix 2012 (1 DRS zone, free to use out of DRS zone in practice and qualifiying)
  • Grand Prix 2013 (2 DRS zones limited to use all weekend only in DRS zones)
  • 6 Hours of Bahrain (Grand Prix Layout but with more garages, 18 teams + 2 located on the outside = 40 cars)
  • Endurance (same garages than 6 Hours)
  • Paddock (same garages than 6 Hours)
  • Outer (same garages than 6 Hours)
  • Inner

Download page to McNolo’s Bahrain

 Note, that CTDP gave permission for the conversion, but was not actually involved. We thank him for the conversion.

Bahrain for rFactor2 by McNolo

After our previous attempts to update Bahrain and bring it up to speed for rFactor2 failed, we decided to look for people outside of the team to work on a conversion to rFactor2. It took a while, but, we got in contact with McNolo, who worked on other tracks and also started his personal conversion of the tracks. His work-in-progress on youtube already convinced us:

This was about 4 months ago and since then McNolo has continued work on the track with our blessing. This will be more than a conversion as he is also updating the track to 2012/2013 specs. In this time he posted regularly work-in-progress screenshots. Among them are these:

To follow McNolo’s progress and the newest screenshots, we suggest to follow him on twitter or flattr him if you like his work.

We should note, while McNolo has our permission, CTDP is not involved in the project, but we have the feeling, the track is in good hands. Good luck!

Status update on IFM-2009

Status is, there is not much update.

We feel in a stalemate situation at the moment. As we wrote a couple of months ago, CTDP has had some hard years and we have awaited rFactor2 with high hopes. To boost morale in the team, we pushed the developed of the IFM-2009 mod forward in favor of F1-1994. We had to adjust and get results with less people, and a smaller mod such as IFM-2009 was just the way to go. rFactor 2 Beta was released in January and looking back on the past months, we realized, many of our hopes have yet to be fullfiled. Beta means rFactor2 is not stable and in a constant change. This is software, this is normal, however, this has consequences on the community and on the modders in particular. For us it feels like the community has been holding it’s breath since the first release of rF2. Very few leagues switch and embrace the new platform, even fewer mod teams. And we can understand this, as CTDP is also experiencing the disadvantages of being cutting edge: sometimes you cut yourself. We discovered several bugs in export tools and shaders, we have been embracing the new platform and sometimes we had setbacks and wrong decisions. That’s alright, however what makes it frustrating is, that even after 10 months it feels like developing against a moving target. Software is supposed to evolve and change, but especially interfaces to external components (ie exporters, shaders, physics, packaging) need to be frozen at one point to allow for third-party devs to get things done and build upon it. This has not happened yet and every new build requires to update things on our current alpha of the IFM2009 mod and reexporting the models. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. Bleeding edge.

While the community held its breath waiting, modding within CTDP appears to suffocate. We have all but one car textures ready. 15 helmets are left to do and no texture artist is motivated to work on it. We have basic physics who need work especially on the tire model, which is its very own story with rFactor2. We have a running alpha version, and no testers who provide solid and helpful feedback. We are down to a handful of people and not sure what to wait for right now.
We are considering other platforms, but right now there is no alternative available/suitable to us.

We are still innovative and full of ideas. We have better tools and utilities for modding than ever before. If we had the same means 4 years ago when we were working on F1-2006, I would shed tears of joy. Still all the tools don’t help it if modding is not enjoyable. And right now it isn’t and we don’t know what we can do to help it. 🙁

Introducing Madds

A few weeks ago, I had the idea for another small DDS-utility, which was born and roughly outlined within 2 hours. Now with a bit of cleanup and proper documentation let me present you: Madds – Memory Access of DDS

This tool is to visualize the projected memory usage of all DDS-texture files you have in your Mod’s folders. This helps to find textures that are very big or in wrong compression. You can see what kind of texture’s require which amount of space and you can get additional information by hovering over the area.

As all of my DDS-utilities it’s available as  Java-Webstart on or website without installation.
Source code is available under GPLv2 on github.