IFM goes hillclimb with version 1.2

Two months after the initial release of the International Formula Master (IFM) addon for Assetto Corsa, we bring you version 1.2. This is not only a maintenance release, to address changes from the new version of AC, but brings you whole new content. The IFM was a supporting series during the European WTCC races from 2007 till 2009. The series was subsequently retired.  Several small independent teams have utilized, with success, the former IFM Tatuus cars for various Hill Climb Events and have entries in FIA’s European Hill Climb Series. You can now run these cars on the hillclimb tracks of Assetto Corsa.

Have a look at the Changelog to see all other changes this update brings you. Or go ahead and download.

Enjoy driving and keep the feedback coming!

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