Cough, silence, drumroll, open curtain.

Today, we are proud to announce and also release our newest game addon. We bring you the International Formula Masters 2009 series for Assetto Corsa.
This is our first addon for this game and the first addon release since 2010. While originally announced as testbed project for rFactor2, we switched to Assetto Corsa during production.

After stepping away from the modding community and going on a long hiatus of several years now for reasons already written, CTDP has chosen to complete the 2009 International Formula Masters series formula car for Assetto Corsa. With most of the model and texture work finished a while ago, James ‘Juluka’ Bendy took on the job of implementing the mod in AC. We worked hard to implement the features the platform is offering at this point. Along with developing the proper physics of the car and bringing the model to the platform standards of Assetto Corsa, our goal wass to provide a quality open-wheeled addition to this platform that is not only a great experience to drive, but also a competitive car that many drivers will find an attractive option for multiplayer use.

We hope you enjoy the new series as we are excited finishing this project.


To install, simply unzip the file “ifm_2009” and place it in the following location where your Assetto Corsa game file path is located:

(Your Drive Letter): Program Files (x86): Steam: SteamApps: common: assettocorsa: content: cars

As the car was developed and built by Tatuus, the car will be located In the car selection menu under the Tatuus Icon

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7 thoughts on “Cough, silence, drumroll, open curtain.”

  1. Hi Dahie

    Glad to see your all still modding!!

    What do you all use to contact each other these days?

    Are we still going to make the F1 1996 MOD? =P

    (CTDP) OMS =)

  2. The ctdp 2006 mod was really one of my fav mods in rfactor 2. As i know u said rfactor 1 limited ur work for this. So at this point how can u change to assetto crosa which is a scripted limitation at his best this not not even a sim compared to rf 1 or gamestockcar. And compared to rfactor 2 its a toy so why u move to assetto corsa if u have such high expectation ? Is rfactor 2 to hard to mod ? because from the sim ascpect it makes no sense. But than the second best option is gamestockcar its still a better sim than assetto corsa.

    1. Hello Manuel, selecting a platform is not always an object process, but also comes done to personal opinion. Right now, those members active in the team enjoyed modding AC more than any other platform. So we released the mod for AC. Simple as that.

      1. Im not a modder. Im just a simracing fan who search for the most realistic setupcombo means Hardware+software to simulate a real racing feeling. So i was just wondering why u guys pick up AC so i asked for. If u say its much better for modding etc. and u like it to mod i understand it.

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