What about the templates?

I read just a few people asking for templates. Well to those few, templates will come. Most are pretty ready,but they where done before the betatesting so they need to get some of the bugfixes.I’ll work on it during the week to get them out as soon as possible. They have been on my personal todo list long enough. Just so you know, we didn’t forget them.

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12 thoughts on “What about the templates?”

  1. In the meantime guys, why not just take a helmet out of the mas and paint over it?

    Use it as a template…..A simple and easy suggestion. 😀

  2. I know it may seem a bit sudden and unfair to offer knowledge of errors in the mod after such hard work has been put into it, but it’s a very small one.

    As you see in the following picture, the Renault R26’s sidepod vents (as expected) are open (making it possible to ‘vent’).


    In this in-game picture, however, you can see that the vents are closed.


    Probably not necessary to fix, however. Depends how much nitty-gritty detail you want in the game.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Do you by any chance know how to change tires brand from CTDP 2006. I’d like to have bridgstone instead Michelin in my Mclaren CTDP 2006.

    Thank you.

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