The privilege to be proud….

Well 2 years and about 5 months are gone now. We started a project during an exciting period of formula one racing. Michael Schumacher had his last chance for his 8th title. For most of us, it was a special formula one season, if you hate him, or love him, it doesn’t matter. We worked on a project together as a team, not as single persons. That’s our real secret. And now after the release, I’m really proud to be part of that team. Everybody gave his best, even if it means he has to work night and day, during illness or vacations, it doesn’t matter.  During the development some members left and some new came into the team. Lucky enough for us we got the right guys. Full of motivation, full of passion for that mod and with these new members our level increased again. So my special thank is directed to the “new guys”. But I should not forget the “old” members, which are at CTDP since we founded the team. We had hard times, and good times. This is good day for everybody in the Team.

Now here we are, after 2 years and a few month to show you, the community, what we have done during all the time you were waiting for this mod. We know it’s not perfect, but it was something special for us. We feel like a father seeing his child is leaving home to discover the world. And we all at CTDP hope, you discover all the lovely details of this mod.

So CTDP wishes you happy St Nicholas Day with CTDP F1 2006 modification for rFactor.

140 thoughts on “The privilege to be proud….”

  1. Fantastic job guy’s 🙂

    The attention to detail is amazing!

    The best F1 mod for rFactor by a long way…

    Have some well earned time off over Christmas 😀

    Thank’s for all your hard work!


  2. Thank you so much for making me more than 2 years waiting……. it´s been a pleasure for such a result.

  3. Yump, there won’t be Server Edition. They can’t and won’t make every car to have equal physics due to different wheelbase and suspension geometry. However, CTDP team said that they could offer something to leagues which would give them near-equal physics. They didn’t say what, but I hope it will be equal engines at least.

  4. I’m very glad it’s finally released, but I will still sort of miss the waiting for it.. you gotta admit it has been fun following this progress, no matter how long it might have taken!

  5. Sorry haven’t recognized the post.
    This server physics make all cars almost equal but you need an extra file to activate it. This file will be handed out only on request and only to leagues because we don’t want to see it on public servers.

  6. the mod is fantastic its lived up to all its hype and then more…everything is just beyond any rfactor mod to date..congrats to the team for such amazing work.

    one question though when I finished installing it control center launched and I clicked on activate reelfeel with CTDP setting and now looking at the realfeel.ini in main rfactor directory there is only CTDP settings all other mods reelfeel got deleted….

    think you should warn people before activating reelfeel

  7. Guys the mod is great, but I find it a bit intresting that it is not willing to run good in 1680*1050 with a Radeon 4850 with 4 gigs of ram…
    The previous CDTP was running @ 150 fps, but this one only runs @ 80pfs max and tends to go to a hold sometimes…
    Any ideas? just refreshed my display drive, ran out of options here…

  8. Hi,i as Admin and CEO from Pro-Racer-Onlineleague THX 2 u Guys to give the Community the best Mod ever for rFactor.We knew that ur are good-but that is awesome.
    Respect and ones again THX to all the TEAM.

    Greeetings from

    TheDoctor aka Andreas Pierer

  9. Hey guys 🙂 I’d like to ask if I can add tracks to the upgrade-feature? You know sometimes there is released a new version of a track (example the Interlagos track by FrankAlexander is getting updated to 3.0)

    Is it possible to add more than version of a track in the RFM sceneorder?

    Interlagos_V2_01, Interlagos_GP

    Or will this bring mismatches on the rFm?

  10. Greg,

    I’ll make one post regarding that topic, as I am sure some will be raising it anyway in the way yuo did and that will be the last post I do on that topc 🙂

    We make no apologies for performance in this mod, in fact we are quite proud what we manage to squeeze out of it. It is a high detail mod, rfactor engine is getting on a bit. The idea about the cc we tried our best to get as many frames out of this mod I can assure you while tryign to minmize visual loss in quality. If you read the manual, and put it in context with the amount of detail reconsider what running full means.

    This mod with max res size skins which I can even run with turning down some things on a medium PC, in combination with using the CC, and you compare that say isi bmw sauber (either 07 or 08 by MMG) doesnt matter which, put 22 of those BMWS on track. Realize at that, it is the same car 22 times as opposed to 11×2 different cars, at the same settings,
    it grinds my machine down to a halt, practically 3 – 11 Frames per second and completely unplayable.

    This mod with the optional things in the CC facilitate quite well playing a full grid on medium PC, and still look good IMO with almost similar level of visual detail as our ISI BMW was.

    Appreciate that full, high, medium etc, it is almost meaningless. In many ways, with all the mods around, some mods on medium can sometimes look better than others on high or full, it is relative.

    Unfortunately many poeple with big machines have an obsession about being unable to max out their rF setting when they have a big machine, you may ask than, why bother with the ultra high settings, well, it can still be used for test days, or when less cars are used, making screenshot etc and see things at their absolute max

    We have poeple here who can max out on HD4870 1GB card but you do need the very lates to max ingame as well as qwell the CC, and it will also strongly depend on the track.

    edit: btw by CC I don’t mean the ATI catalyst control center, but our own control center tool that come with the mod, just in case, I can see that as a possible confusion 🙂



  11. Тип события: Ошибка
    Источник события: Application Error
    Категория события: Отсутствует
    Код события: 1000
    Дата: 08.12.2008
    Время: 0:02:43
    Пользователь: Н/Д
    Компьютер: TYCOON-73D0360E
    Ошибка приложения ctdp06_cc.exe, версия, модуль kernel32.dll, версия 5.1.2600.2180, адрес 0x0001eb33.
    0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74 Applicat
    0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c ion Fail
    0010: 75 72 65 20 20 63 74 64 ure ctd
    0018: 70 30 36 5f 63 63 2e 65 p06_cc.e
    0020: 78 65 20 31 2e 30 2e 30 xe 1.0.0
    0028: 2e 31 20 69 6e 20 6b 65 .1 in ke
    0030: 72 6e 65 6c 33 32 2e 64 rnel32.d
    0038: 6c 6c 20 35 2e 31 2e 32 ll 5.1.2
    0040: 36 30 30 2e 32 31 38 30 600.2180
    0048: 20 61 74 20 6f 66 66 73 at offs
    0050: 65 74 20 30 30 30 31 65 et 0001e
    0058: 62 33 33 0d 0a b33..

  12. Sappenin, is there a way to make “spinner” and car load quicker????i mean in CTDP 05 its only like 3 sec, in 06 20 at least…….cheers!!!!

  13. There was only ever going to be one F1 mod which would surpass the excellent CTDP 2005 – and you guys haven’t let us down. Your latest mod is an absolute blast! – Thanks a million!
    If you guys ever feel the desire to do another F1 mod (please do!) may I suggest the ’08 season as being a vintage year, worthy of immortalising…

    But in the mean time – take a well deserved break!

    Thanks again

  14. like already pointed out this mod does put the comp on stress looking at task manager just lunching the mod is 1.2 gigs of memory taken up I am not sure if that is normal and playing on track at test day with 5-6 cars its just under 2 gigs of memory used up!!!

  15. First of all, I must say that this mod is thes best I tried in years, stunning.

    About the FPS perfomance of the mod. Well, I have a dual core at 2,6 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and a Radeon 2600XT (not a high end PC as you can see) and I play 1600×1050 at 80-90 fps with full grid.This shows that the mod is very fine tuned. If anybody with a better machine has any problem should verify drivers, system configuration, etc.

    The rest of the mod, nothing that hasn´t been said before, the greatest mod in the history of rfactor. Thanks CTDP, amazing job!

  16. After choosing a track and selecting race weekend (such as VLM_MidOhio), the only cars that are listed at the race weekend are multiple instances of the car that I selected.

    For example, if I choose the McLaren, then the only opposition I have for the practice, qual & race is McLaren’s Kimi R. & Pedro dlR.

    I’m using the CTDP 2006 Control Center to start the mod.

    Great work on the mod. Just wondering why I don’t see each of the other teams & drivers?

  17. afboro: thank you for your quick response!
    Don’t miss understand me, I was not trying to downgrade your work, it’s just that I really like the detail of your mod and that is why I want to run it @ maxed settings 😉
    Jon: Q6600 quad, 4 Gigs of ram (although in the rfactor config it only shows 2….) and a radeon 4850 with 512 megs of ram! What kind of LOD settings are you running?
    CTDP guys: fantastic job, the AI is racing fantasticly!! 😉

  18. Hey all,

    I wish to congratulate CTDP on their most excellent mod. The wait was worth it.

    As has been stated by another poster- I haven’t checked it out yet, but I think the head movement forwards due to braking is a lot more intense compared to CTDP 2005. At first I wondered if the mod changes our ‘head movement’ setting, but I’m not sure. I’m going to test it out later on today. Anyway, the question is, if we want less movement, is this the setting we must adjust?

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