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The mod doesn’t include any tracks, but the mod supports many tracks. This is used for the upgrades, which change automatically to the according upgrades.

Some reported “missing tracks”. Missing is relative, because we can’t know all tracknames that exist out there, so we already called twice to get lists of tracks, we should support and we do so know. This trackname will be added in the next version of the mod, which will be the last chance to add new tracks.

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  1. 1.MMG Istanbul V2 (IMO it’s clearly the best version of Istanbul for rFactor)

    2.Melbourne GP4 1.1 (since it’s the correct textures for the 2006 season)

    3.Interlagos GP4 1.3 (also the correct textures)

    And I take for granted that the mod will support your own Monaco later on 😛

  2. I didn’t get an answer to this elsewhere so apologies for posting it here:

    One question: if I’m driving with a car whose current “upgrade” says (in the upgrades’ text) “20000rpm in qualifying trim, 19500 in race trim”, does that mean that if boost is at 9 in qualifying I get 20000 but if it’s at 9 during the race I get 19500?

    Or does it work some other way? Is it really possible to that way simulate different engine qualifying and race trims

  3. I love your works, thank you for your hard work.

    As I wrote at rFC, I can’t understand why you add “unknown tracks” at TrackConfigsBase.ini. It make unavailable to drive SA06 at Fuji. Please delete it…

  4. @AmTGMan
    The gp4 version is supported for sure. I posted a tracklist on RSC:

    @ Fred
    We won’t support MMG and RFT tracks, sorry for that. These tracks are just copies of other conversions and we never know exactly about permission flaws.


    We simulate the 2006 season. As Fuji wasn’t driven 2006 there are only Bahrain cars available. Maybe we switch to Brazil Cars, but you can delete the Trackconfigsbase.ini yourself if you think you need to!

  5. @issoisso

    I’m also interested in the answer to that question, even though it is a little off-topic. For example, in Brazil for the Ferrari it says I think 20,100 RPM in qualifying trim, 19400 in race. Is there a way to hit the 20,100?


  6. @ Pavlos

    apparently, it’s not possible to set different race and qualifying trims.

    So when the text says “X rpm in qualifying trim and Y rpm in race trim”, it really means X rpm when the boost is at 9 and Y rpm when the boost is at 4.

  7. Can I get autoliveryes without touching TrackConfigsBase with this tracks
    Malaysia gp4
    Australien gp4
    Imola GTL
    Nürburgring ISI
    Barcelona ISI
    Monaco New Layout
    Montreal 2008
    Indianapolis GP4
    Magny Cours GP4
    Ungarn GP4
    Monza ISI
    Suzuka GP4

  8. X3me_Racer most of these are already in there but not all. We’ll add them

    Autoliveries are forced independently from the trackconfigbase stuff, so you need to specifiy that by event name in the veh files. I believe that bit doesn’t cause mismatches, although never tested that out, as it is just about textures and doesn’t affect physics. Editing trackconfigbase.ini or removing it will cause mismatches for certain, so keep copies or backups of these files if you want to play online as well. Offline you can do with them as you wish.

    If you can, with the number of tracks we couldn’t possibly download and test them all, we will however add them.

    List the tracks by opening the track gdb file with notepad or whatever text editor you use, for example melbourne GP4 has this file is in


    Paste the top section, all we actually need is two lines that contains the track name (for the trackconfigbase.ini) and the event name (used by the autolivery system )

    in this case
    TrackName = Melbourne-Gp4
    EventName = Melbourne-GP4

    Please paste the whole line so I can see the spacing correctly. If there are entries are not entered right in the mod the track will simply be ignored by the system and resort to the default livery, it wont cause any issues or crashes, the same for the physics trackconfigbase stuff, mispelled entries will be ignored by the upgrade system.

    So, the information we put in can only be as accurate as you provide it.

    Regarding the forcing of tracks outside of the 2006 championship there have been many comments saying, why not let us have any car with any upgrade anywhere ? For sure this is possible, but it may also have caused us some supporting headaches for the inial release, so we wanted to be cautioous from our side as well. I had a discussion with Speed12 about this, the Pros and Cons that could arise form letting free reign with the upggrades for non 2006 tracks

    The outcome of that currently our feeling is that we’ll probably instead of forcing the barhain spec cars in that situation, to enforce the Brazil spec cars but with a standard air pressure day, this is probably the upgrade most people would want to drive anyway, where the engines could rev the most and cars were the most developed, and also keep the AI offline comparable to the human drivers. We feel otherwise such of a online mash with different spec cars from different rounds coud arise form it, if we don’t.

    In any case, those that really want to drive offline in any spec, it is a simple question of deleting or moving that trackconfigbase.ini out of the Team folder, or edit it to taylor your needs.

    If people feel different about the upgrade
    approach on tracks outside of the 2006 championship, sure let us know your thoughts 🙂

  9. I already had a small discussion with Neidryder at RFC, but I think here is the right place to put it in a nutshell.

    -> If it is possible please let us choose the upgrades at least at non-2006-tracks. <-

    I can see your argument that some people would take Brazil spec at Bahrain and that would not be okay.
    But I don’t want to drive with neither bahrain nor brazil spec at Valencia, Singapore or whereever. Yes it is a 2006 MOD but there are so many different tracks. Maybe in 3 months someone releases an astonishing suzuka/imola/whatever version from scratch – why not let us choose the right spec then? I’m sure this MOD will always be popular…

    Btw. I’m always arguing from an public/online/league POV so mismatch generating solutions are no solutions for me :).

    Thanks for your work and your ear for the community!

  10. Kay. Likely we wil do what you ask, so far most of us are in favour of that, i.e. let free choice on tracks like Valencia i.e. to pick the upgrade you want for the ones outside the championship. Definitely we will keep the restriction for the 2006 tracks, where the cars are enforced as they should be, we wont change that, and even for tracks like say 2008 canada that were pretty much identical to the 2006 versions, they’ll be forced too.

    However, We like everyone to have a thought and view inside the Team as well, who have different levels of expertise from physics to modelling as to the implications, but once we know for sure, we will let you know.

  11. Sorry,I have a strange problem,
    selecting the williams (any) in the preview appears with its texture, the pilot, the correct version for the circuit, all in short …. when the load circuit (any one) during loading at the same point a window:
    g-motor2 error. SAUBER error loading texture for material WIL06Wheel

    I hit enter and it appears another:
    g motor2 error. error loading global material WIL06WHEEL

    hit enter another time, return the same mistake previous finish loading the circuit and the car appears transparent, no cockpit, no texture just a shadow.
    Even after a reinstall the problem remains.

    Any idea?

    But I am the only one who has this problem?

  12. Hi and thanks a lot for all the hard work, just one question regarding the beautyful Monaco and the updated bahrain track we was seeing in the screenshots, you surely have said this already but I missed it, so why don’t you have released it along with the mod or has an addon?

    Anyway, thanks again.


  13. please support alos gtl vonversions /mmg/f1rft/tracks (not officialy) because a lot of the gp4 tracks (for example magny course) are crap

  14. please support also gtl conversions /mmg/f1rft/tracks (not officialy) because a lot of the gp4 tracks (for example magny course) are crap

  15. GTL/GTR2/Race conversion are already supported. You can download them at nogripracing. We won’t support ripp off tracks from MMG and RFT because these are only “bad” versions of another conversion.

  16. I think Hockenheim GTL v 1.1 by Delphy (found in is supported.

    Hockenheim2005.gdb contains:

    TrackName = Hockenheim GTL
    EventName = Hockenheim GP
    GrandPrixName = Hockenheim GP
    VenueName = HockenheimGTL

  17. how come the new 2006 Imola not supported on car upgrades i when driving BMW i still saw round 3 spec an not the round 4 spec goes for all cars why?

    is there something wrong with rfm or?

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