Changelog of Release Candidate 1

The days get shorter, the perceived days get longer, still a lot to do, to plan, to organise to write. At least the reported list of bugs is pretty much solved. Hopefully we catch them all till the release. Here is the changelog. I don’t get my work done, thank god this is over soon.

CTDP F1 2006 Mod rF – Release Candidate 1
– 0000408: [ConfigurationsCenter] missing gen-descriptions (CoDan) – resolved.
– 0000404: [Cars] Flipup on Williams (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000420: [ConfigurationsCenter] Launcher (CoDan) – resolved.
– 0000426: [Installer] Installer does not create startmenu-entries (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000424: [Installer] Start Menu default name (CoDan) – resolved.
– 0000411: [ConfigurationsCenter] Needing a second pair of eyes (Afborro) – resolved.
– 0000423: [ConfigurationsCenter] leoFFB-helptext (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000422: [Installer] Deinstall (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000401: [Cars] Reflection issues on Toro Rosso (WHAT21A) – resolved.
– 0000419: [Cars] Reflection issues on Rosbergs Williams (WHAT21A) – resolved.
– 0000418: [Cars] Williams suspension (Neidryder) – resolved.

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  1. Oh, no harm done, I just forgot my fathers birthday yesterday and if I collaps now, I mess up my last semester of studies and my Bachelor, you see, nothing to worry about. 😀

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