Super Aguri SA06 Shape finished

After Marko sent me the SA06 Upgrades i had a deeper look at it and found some things i wanted to fix. So it took me some time to finish the shape but now i’m happy with the result. I hope i’ll find the time to map the car this week so Shaun can start painting the texture.


11 thoughts on “Super Aguri SA06 Shape finished”

  1. @Bjorn. Start of lod work is now almost upon us. I’ve been doing some preliminary tests today on one of the shapes, how to do them in the best way, building a strategy etc. and satisfied with the results I am getting.

  2. can’t wait ot get my hands on this car :), finishing all the helemts off is getting a bit boring.
    In the next few days I will be posting screenshots of the finalzied helmets in game so you guys can look for errors 🙂

  3. Cool I’m looking forward to see the final Schuberth helmet 😀

    And Schumachers last 🙂

  4. And afborro – it sounds good. Skilled… Preparing for the very best results at the end.

  5. Hi Neidryder,

    I’m under the impression you are currently, or have been reviewing the vehicle models for modelling errors or oversights?

    I guess the core of my question is regarding the Ferrari (the nose section and cockpit) which was planned to have some corrections made following some issues found in January 3rd batch of photos (I understand that the model has been updated since those images).

    I was just wondering where you are at with the 248F1, and whether you need, or will need, any further feedback from the community regarding the model.

  6. Hi,

    I already updated the Ferrari and Williams nose and i will change some things on the Ferrari Frontwing,too when i finshed the super Aguri because Shaun is still waiting.

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