5 thoughts on “SA05 upgrades PART II”

  1. jeje, cool…

    Now we’ll see how a superb Super Aguri “2005” would have looked like…

    jeje, just joking ;);)

    Keep on the good work, the updates are really good!! and the physics report you announced was quite nice too!

  2. cool 😀

    I know its asked all the time, but do ctdp have and estimated release date? Like mmg has an a let jan/feb as an estimate. Are you close enough to completion that you can give us one or is there still alot of hard work to do?

    Thanks for info

  3. We don’t give estimates, because our own estimates were too often too far off, instead of giving you dates, we can not promise, we don’t say anything about it. I will always repeat, we do not want to work on it forever.

  4. I would like to talk to a modeller from CTDP on MSN, I have a picture I would like to show. I tried to mail you but it didn’t work

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