The Lost Features

Two weeks ago, we already presented you some of our mods, we had in mind at one point in time, but which didn’t come to conclusion for various reasons. Today we talk a bit about features, that were actually planed for the 2006 mod, but which were dropped at some point. Actually, when I spoke with Andy for this post, we didn’t find alot to talk about. Obviously, this made us happy, since most of the goals we set for the mod are met, yet it doesn’t give too much to show here. 🙂 Continue reading The Lost Features

The Lost Mods

CTDP is in its 7th year, naturally, during this time, there have been some projects, we have never talked about. Projects we never announced and often died in an early stage of development. Although CTDP is best-known for their F1-mods, we often planed to release some not-F1-related mods. Today we want to show you some of the projects that never were and never will be. I invite you to tour through our archives. Continue reading The Lost Mods