Jordan 1994 WIP

While Stefan is working on Larrousse, Andreas ‘Neidryder’ Neidhardt continued to work on the Jordan. The basic shape of the car is done and we are tweaking details on the carbody. However the suspensions you see are still placeholders and will be replaced this weekend.

In other news, James Bendy finished work on the Ferrari textures for now. He’ll paint the Jordan next. Larrousse will be painted by Dennis ‘mediocre’ Schmidt.

Larrousse 1994 WIP – an ontological paradox

Fabian was right, the car in the last post was the Larrousse 1994. A totally unremarkable car and the only thing worth noting is, that it drove with 2 very distinct liveries in the first 4 races, which Dennis ‘mediocre’ Schmidt is going to paint later.

Today erale frightened me. He said he had finished the model for Larrouse. I didn’t believe him, since Ferrari took several month to finish and you just don’t build cars in 3 days anymore. He said his time machine finally worked and he traveled into the future to take the final model back to the present. Now, what bothers me are two things: first, why didn’t he go to even further into the future to bring back a mapped model (erale claims he had only Plutonium for one trip, but we all know Mr Fusion will be available for domestic use within 4 years!) and secondly, assuming erale never deletes the model by accident and keeps the file till the end, who actually build the model? And if it has mistakes, can I blame the universe?

Anyway, erale got so scared by this onthological paradox, that he deleted the model to build it himself. Here are the surviving photos of the future finished car. Hope posting this doesn’t rip open the space-time-continuum, AGAIN!

Final Ferrari 1994 model

With some touchups by Neidryder, we finished work on the Ferrari model. The model was done by Stefan ‘erale’ Triefellner in the past months and is now ready for mapping and then painting. Painting will be done by James ‘juluka’ Bendy and erale will continue on the next model.

Andy took a few pictures of the car to show offaround erale’s work.

Jordan 194 WIP

Andreas ‘Neidryder’ Neidhardt was just showing around some WIP shots of the 1994 Jordan, when we realized, we never posted any shots of the current car here in the blog. This needs to change.

The car was original modelled by Marco ‘BMWFan’ Büttner and is one of those we decided to keep and build upon. After some thorough reviews Neidryder took over to update the model and bring it up to standards. This involved heavy work on the main chassis: proportions, airbox and rear end. The latter is still work in progress as you can see in one of the shots. The suspensions are also just placeholders and will be replaced in the upcoming weeks. Lastly, the joint lines will be added to the model.

Once the model is done it will receive an updated mapping and one of the painters (maybe even myself) will update the existing textures to the model.

Inside F1 1994 – Early season suspension

With this post we will start a new blog series called “inside F1 1994”. This blog series will show you some interesting technical aspects of the formula one season of 1994.

Today in inside F1 1994, we want to shone some light on the early season suspension using the brand new modeled Ferrari 412T1 from our modeler Erale.

As with most cars running a high nose, the lower front wishbones locate on to a central point to tidy up the under-nose airflow. Hower, unlike other system which are attached using a pair of closely-positioned uni-ball joings, Ferrari designer John Barnard actually links the wishbones using a male/female joint on the knife-edges, reaping the benefits of increased stiffness. The drawing also shows how Barnard has been able to locate the master cylinders inside the chassis bulkhead, by already working to the 1995 regulations. Ferrari also ran a third front suspension configuration at Imola with the secondary dampers encased in a metal cradle. Again, increased stiffness appears to be the main benefit, along with more predictable damper movement.

Trying to reproduce the 1994 cars as close as possible we tried to recreate the suspension, a very significant part of the model, as good as possible according to our reference pictures/drawings. We have a thread in our internal forum to show progress and discuss upcoming issues or a lack of references.

Erale made a few screenshots in 3ds Max and Andreas T made comparison pictures to show what erale modeled accurate and what needs to be changed.

Here is the final outcome:

The accuracy of the suspension is not only important for the model, but also for the simulation of the suspension geometry in rFactors physics.

Ferrari 1994 Model WIP

Time for some new WIP shots. Stefan ‘erale’ Triefellner has been busy building the new Ferrari model. The model has been in development over the past 3 months. After our extensive reviews we deemed the existing Ferrari model not accurate. Updating the as we do with other models became more time-consuming than building a clean new model from scratch. After all we have all models, measurements and as it is important to get the proportions right, this was the way to go. The basic model is finished, erale is currently working on the details, joint lines and suspension.

More screens will be on the way soon.