Physics Statusreport

We’re nearly done with all the basics…
What’s close to final(~):

  • General Feeling
  • Tire Slip Curves
  • Suspension geometry to all Teams
  • Gearboxes to all teams
  • Shift delays to all Teams
  • Integrated ad much real data as never before
  • Matching Top speed and Lap times on all accurate 2006 Formula One Tracks with optimum Setups (hard work 😉 )
  • Damage
  • Wear
  • Cooling (Brake ducts, Radiator(Engine))
  • Tires: Supersoft, Soft, Medium, Hard,Superhard each will come to you in 3 Versions, cold, warm and hot, they differ in their optimum operating temperature.
  • Ferrari@ Bahrain and a lot upgrades
  • Slipstream/Drafting
  • Engines
  • Super Aguri Basics
  • McLaren Basics
  • Renault Basics


  • All Team Basics
  • All Upgrades per Track (not as much work left)
  • Michelin Tweaks
  • Small Tweaks in Drafting and Slipstreaming (nearly done)
  • Tire heating Tweaks to match optimum Tires and Temps on all tracks
  • Selecting Out wrong tires per Track (means in Barcelona only Medium and Hard will be available, Monaco will have Super soft and Soft)

We are working hard, mostly 10 hours per night, did about 20.000 Test laps and we all need a break after finishing that.
Greetz, Gonzo