Benetton B194

After weeks of working on that damn car – thanks to Dahie – i think i just have made the best out of it. And also the best shape out of the 1994 cars. So now it is up to Dahie to give the car its unique livery this shape deserves 😀 it is not that i want to put some pressure up on Dahie, but everything else than perfect and i will put the car into the trash and keep the old one 😀 i have added some close ups from the new front suspension and brake model. this new suspension and brake model will be given to all cars, since i don’t like the old ones any more. later this evening i will add some screens of the cockpits, so you can see your future working place 😉

When modders don’t know what to do….

…then they often do things, that are completely unnecessary, perhaps stupid, and completely out of any sense ;). and exactly this happend within this case, too. Not having too much time to do the more important things like face-lifting the benetton once more, i just played around a bit. and what came out of this, you might think it is completely unnecessary and a waste of time and resources. and yes, you might be right with that. but i like it, and that’s the only thing that matters. it is like “the real deal” :D. perhaps you won’t take a notice of it ingame when racing, but you’ll always know: yes, it is there. and who knows, perhaps it will look good once ingame….definetly for all those passionated screenshot makers out there.

next time i will show you something that is more related being important….perhaps 😉

So many cars…



…were racing this 94 season. here you can finally see all 14 teams taking part at the season beginner in brazil, showing their track specific texture and shape. only mclaren is not “down” to date, forgot to detach the bardge boards 😀 The rims and tires are only temporary solutions, until the real ones are finished.

last two cars finished…

so, finally, i got it. after a long time of not having any motivation to do something on this topic, the last two cars missing are built (benetton and Lotus), and 3 more were face-lifted (mclaren, williams, pacific). minor changes have been done on every car. for benetton and williams there are already cockpits finished. will keep up the work, as the other cockpits will be done next. hope the progress will be more progressiv when the others are finished with 2006.

94lotus.jpg  94benetton4.jpg  94williams5.jpg

some update…

i thought to let you know that i am quite busy finishing modelling and artwork for 1994. progress is processing very well. picture shows some fictional constellation of the 94 benetton ford, as the rear wing is the late season one. just wanted to have a look at the measurements. next will be steering wheels and the face lift of the williams, cause i noticed i modelled the wrong nose, a pre-season one. if there is someone out there who can deliver pictures of steering wheels, especially from the low-budget teams, this would be great. so far, have a great time…