IFM 2009 : First liveries

In this blogpost we will show you some progress we made on the liveries. James and Dennis did a great job on the Jenzer and JD designs. As the liveries aren’t exactly the same like in Formula One most teams share at least a basic design. They also had to recreate most sponsor logos from hand as in IFM a lot of rather unknown companies were involved.

Also most of 3D work is finished. We’re currently making some minor tweaks here and there and are working on the LOD objects. So stay tuned for more IFM news in the near future.

8 thoughts on “IFM 2009 : First liveries”

  1. Very good works, as usual.
    Did you already have a look at physic? Did you find any particular improvements/difficulties compared to rF1?

    In rF2 I really like Renault Megane mod, while I find F3.5 to be pretty undriveable. I’m really looking forward to a single seater like this one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Currently we have a pretty basic physic for the car in game. That means standard suspension geometry, engine torque curve, gearbox and some smaller stuff are already finished.

    So far there weren’t any problems physics wise but that’s as stuff that didn’t change from rF1. Tires could get very interesting with the new tiremodel but we’ll see ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We also profit from the user manual of the car which has a LOT of technical data available. Of course some stuff is missing but it’s so much more than most modders had and probably will have access to. That removes a lot of guesswork while doing the physics.

    1. Does that mean F1 1994 mod will be delivered slightly later?

      Yes and no and no.

      Yes, obviously while Andy and erale are busy on IFM-2009, they can’t work on 1994.
      But no, because all the work they do on IFM is related to 1994, as this is a lot of testing the capabilities of rFactor2, trying workflows, shaders, packaging and other technology aspects, that have changed since rFactor1. Testing all of this on the 1994 models would have been too late and could easily have caused large postponements as well. In this regard IFM-2009 supports the 1994-mod because we learn and get experience that we can use for 1994.
      And no, because we still have other modelers who continue to work on 1994 as shown on the Williams model.

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