rfDynHUD avaliable at github

The first release of rfDynHUD was almost 2 years ago and last year we decided to make the project Open Source to allow Third-Party developers to write their own widgets, enhance the code and contribute to the development. So far we gave access to anyone interested. This week we decided to take the next step and release the source code to the public.

rfDynHUD source code is now available at github. You can browse the project, clone your copy and start hacking new features with Github giving a great interface to manage all contributions and integrate them in future versions. If you have never looked into git, we suggest you do, because it allows for a very comfortable workflow.

We invite everyone who has had a look at Java to have a look.

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One thought on “rfDynHUD avaliable at github”

  1. HI buddies,

    I take a look to the source code, a lot of functions are available, it looks really nice !

    Got to install eclipse 🙂


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