Inside F1 1994: Measuring Williams

We welcome Radu Teo, a new modeler who has started to work on the new Williams model. The first preview we have for you is a bit different than usual. Over the years we did alot of research on the cars to get as many technical data as possible. This also involves blueprints (if possible, usually impossible), specifications and measurements. Very often we find contradictory sources and especially the wheelbase is something of regular debate for many cars. Williams is another prime example, as we have found 3 different measurements for the wheelbase: 2990mm / 2950mm / 2890 mm
Radu did among others the attached photo comparison to find the correct wheelbase. The picture gives 2.84m,which is shorter than any of our sources. Unless we find something canon and concluding, we will probably opt for a compromise of 2.89m.

Edit: And another one.

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10 thoughts on “Inside F1 1994: Measuring Williams”

  1. Scaling is not easy without blueprints and unfortunately this has been a weakness on some of our mods and is also one of the reasons why we go through the big effort of checking, reviewing and even remodelling many models we have with wrong proportions.

  2. Hi guys…very nice work…well maybe I can help you a bit…i have 1/18 williams fw16…i dont know if the minichamps models are in fact so accurate but I cheked the wheelbase of the car and found it 2970mm!…well not so close to your 2840mm 🙂

  3. @Moonwalker: Thanks for checking. The experience we made with scale models were quite bad sometimes. You can not trust them to be a correct reference. Sometimes they simplified shapes or didn’t use correct models. :/ We once found a 1993 Benetton painted in 1994 livery. m(

  4. So now you have a Romanian in your team…Good to see things are moving forward with this mod now that rF 2 is almost out.As always I see you guys pay a lot of attention to small details.

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