Going social

There are a few trends that are hard to avoid and you have have to embrace them at one point. CTDP comes into the social networks… to take over the world.
We have established beachheads in Facebook and Twitter and are preparing our invasion.

CTDP on Facebook
CTDP at Twitter

We will be posting more frequent small updates. WIP shots will be found there first.
To be the first to get all information, we suggest to follow us there and subscribe our devblog via RSS.
On average you will be notified about 3-4 days before the news hit VirtualR and another day before any other news blogs pick it up. 😀

Despite the new ways, we are still available on the established ways.
Use the forum to ask questions and get help support for our Mods. We suggest to post any technical questions there, so the google can find it and anybody else can find the answer to the question.
If you have questions of more private nature please use our contact form.

For informal contact check out our members lists in facebook and twitter.

Had you already subscribed us in the social world, you would have seen this Jordan WIP shot already 4 days ago:

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