Jordan 194 WIP

Andreas ‘Neidryder’ Neidhardt was just showing around some WIP shots of the 1994 Jordan, when we realized, we never posted any shots of the current car here in the blog. This needs to change.

The car was original modelled by Marco ‘BMWFan’ Büttner and is one of those we decided to keep and build upon. After some thorough reviews Neidryder took over to update the model and bring it up to standards. This involved heavy work on the main chassis: proportions, airbox and rear end. The latter is still work in progress as you can see in one of the shots. The suspensions are also just placeholders and will be replaced in the upcoming weeks. Lastly, the joint lines will be added to the model.

Once the model is done it will receive an updated mapping and one of the painters (maybe even myself) will update the existing textures to the model.

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