Inside F1 1994 – Early season suspension

With this post we will start a new blog series called “inside F1 1994”. This blog series will show you some interesting technical aspects of the formula one season of 1994.

Today in inside F1 1994, we want to shone some light on the early season suspension using the brand new modeled Ferrari 412T1 from our modeler Erale.

As with most cars running a high nose, the lower front wishbones locate on to a central point to tidy up the under-nose airflow. Hower, unlike other system which are attached using a pair of closely-positioned uni-ball joings, Ferrari designer John Barnard actually links the wishbones using a male/female joint on the knife-edges, reaping the benefits of increased stiffness. The drawing also shows how Barnard has been able to locate the master cylinders inside the chassis bulkhead, by already working to the 1995 regulations. Ferrari also ran a third front suspension configuration at Imola with the secondary dampers encased in a metal cradle. Again, increased stiffness appears to be the main benefit, along with more predictable damper movement.

Trying to reproduce the 1994 cars as close as possible we tried to recreate the suspension, a very significant part of the model, as good as possible according to our reference pictures/drawings. We have a thread in our internal forum to show progress and discuss upcoming issues or a lack of references.

Erale made a few screenshots in 3ds Max and Andreas T made comparison pictures to show what erale modeled accurate and what needs to be changed.

Here is the final outcome:

The accuracy of the suspension is not only important for the model, but also for the simulation of the suspension geometry in rFactors physics.

8 thoughts on “Inside F1 1994 – Early season suspension”

  1. Great work and I’m really looking forward to the mod, but you can not possibly give out a beta for rfactor us to shorten the time to rfactor 2 and especially at this Mod Everyone wants to play the 1994 mod and it would all us please make it a huge and very many would be grateful to you. Since its really the best and it would be really great if you could give us what what you can ride. Please let us know what has to go through the whole thing is finished.

  2. Ok then we need to stop and wait and hope. But still makes her a good job so far. Thank you so feverishly that works on the 1994 Mod.

  3. I really like the level of detail you are including in this mod. Actually in all your mods from F1C to rFactor. That is really something, as most of mod teams are only concerned by model of car and physics are not that important to them.

    What amazes me even more is that you are able to find so much data regarding 1994 season. It is hard to find data on some things which happened just 3-4 years ago, but to find all those details about something what happened 17 years ago is really an artwork 🙂

    Thanks for all you are doing for community.

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