Updated DDS-Utils released

I finished work on for a new version of some of my DDS-Utils. Badds received no changes, but Dropps and Radds are now both available as version 1.1.

Both tools now support 2 more graphics formats. You can now import GrandPrix4-TEX and TGA-files, This allows you to convert GP4-textures in one drop. In Radds you can now refresh the file system tree. I also fixed many errors and improved stability.

Radds is for reviewing and preview of TEX and DDS-Files,

Download Version 1.1: for Windows, for Mac, for Java

Dropps now supports conversion from TGA and TEX.

Download Version 1.1: for Windows, for Mac and for Java

Badds was not updated. it’s for batch scaling large amounts of DDS-files at once.

Download Version 1.0: for Windows, for Mac and for Java

All three tools are released under the Gnu Public License V3. The source code repository at Github is open for everyone and I encourage forking and modification. At Github is also an issue tracker and I’m happy about feedback.

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7 thoughts on “Updated DDS-Utils released”

  1. well guys there has a really really long time since we last spoke here about th e 1994 mod!!!plz show us some new previews or anything else from the 1994 mod.what is going on???news please!because about two months ago you were showing us previews and ingame shots!! about every week!but now we have about two months to hear any news from this mod.

  2. we spent most of April working on some improvements, that are hard o visualize. Also we have all involved in the 2006 release. It’s true we didn’t post as much as we could, but still, give us a break. If you want the project to go faster, come in and join…

  3. These tools are great, I have used them when working on track upgrades, and now when preparing a league mod. Thanks for taking the time to create and also publish these tools! If you ever get time to update badds, I would love a button that says “Save selected files with new settings” that processes only selected items from the list, instead of as now, process all items in the list. That way it would be possible to load DDS files of various sizes and types and process them in steps.

    1. My workflow is to import a folder and remove the files that are not supposed to be updated from the list. Stil I like your idea and I will think about it!

  4. Cool. 🙂 I ran into a bit of a snag with the badds tool today, some textures pop up an error saying “The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open”. Not sure what is up with that. (It occurs during the compression stage)

  5. I found the cause of the problem – I wasn’t using the “Backup old files” option, just to let the tool overwrite the originals since I was doing conversions on copied files anyway. Somehow overwriting the original files doesn’t always work, apparently.

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