WIP Jordan 1994 part 1

Yesterday we hit a small wall, as Pacific was ingame and we had to decide which car was to go ingame next. As I’m busy with my semester end I needed to do some catching up on my work reviewing the cars we got finished. Finished most often means Marco did his work on the model and somebody painted a set of textures. This may look ready, but it proved to be good practice to have an eye on it before sending it ingame. This is the last chance to remove the biggest issues and so we try to catch them. Now yesterday, we didn’t have a car readily reviewed and so I spent my day working on Ligier, identifiying some issues and tweaking some stuff on the textures. Today I spent half my day doing the same on Jordan.

Jordan was modeled by Marco Büttner and he also painted the initial textures in 1024×1024. The textures were upscaled by Daniel ‘Codan’ Fredrich.The textures aren’t finished yet, as some logos need improving and the colors stand for debate.

While Ligier had some proportion issues, which Andy will address when putting the car ingame, Jordan was a clean shape without issues. Great work on this one. Marco!

Here is a comparison between the very first and the very latest texture version.

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8 thoughts on “WIP Jordan 1994 part 1”

  1. You are right. We have few images we can actually relate to their GP in the first few races. Imola and Monaco are good documented, but Brazil and Aida not at all.

  2. Indeed you guys got it right yeah. The red one was spotted at Aida with Aguri Suzuki subbing for Irvine (race ban for Interlagos incident)

    Aida, Suzuka, Silverstone, Monaco, Imola

    So it was just a confusion of my mind from my part about the red glass/medic logo.

    I’d go on but It’s emotionally difficult for me to remember 1994 properly… good luck with the work guys 🙂

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