WIP Sauber 1994

I just finished reviewing the early Sauber Mercedes for the F1 1994 mod. The model, as all models was done by BMWFan and is awaiting touchup by Neidryder to bring the car ingame. The textures were done by Codan. The story about Codan is, that he joined the team nearly 4 years ago and worked as a programmer on the Control Center and For the longest time he was able to hide is painting talent, but with this car for 1994 and even moreso on the cars for the SF-2009 game he has shown, that he can handle the tools and deliver some great cars. 🙂

Now, Sauber is a car where you don’t see that much details on the black texture. 8)


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4 thoughts on “WIP Sauber 1994”

  1. congratulations guys.very nice.so for 4 months you were working with ISI for the slf 2009 game!!!so that’s why the slf game is so nice because you made it.it is a really nice game guys and i think that both your mods(1994 & 2009)will be so nice!!!

  2. It’s good to see something moving again, after these months of silence (where something else was moving behind the scenes). 😀

  3. great car as always. I just hope that we will not wait that long for next update on 1994 mod progres. And I hope to see Ferrari soon….keep up good work.

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