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While working on our mods, CTDP also likes to give haven to related projects. Marvin Fröhlich, Marcel ‘M4rrs’ Offermans and Sascha ‘Gonzo’ Grindau have been invovled in a little pet project. Marvin is another programmer in the team and started a new dynamic HUD, short dynHud for rFactor. We will get into the details of the project some other time.

The actual point of this post is, that the work is going well and Marvin and Gonzo are looking for designers to create additional HUD designs. Currently as you can see, it’s not yet emphasized on beauty and we are looking for designers to help flesh out additional designs.

Interested designers can contact us via eMail or in our forum.Feel free to repost or retweet this wanted.

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4 thoughts on “Looking for HUD designer”

  1. Hi CTDPler,

    tolles Addon *daumenhoch*

    wär’ne tolle Sache, wenn ihr es public releasen würdet – am besten “asap” *zwinker*

    aber nicht unter Druck setzen lassen *hehe*

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