Light – Superleague Formula 2009

It has been quiet here? Right? Wrong!

We haven’t posted alot, because for the past 4 months we got sidetracked with a new project with ISI, which was released today. ISI approached us with the possibility of producing the contents for an official Superleague Formula Game. Afborro led the project and modeled the car. Our 2D-Artists created 18 liveries for each car and additional textures. All in all we spent 3 months working on the game and one month for testing and tweaking with together with ISI. This game is the second project we did with ISI. Our responsibility was with the cars, physics and Alex also coordinated the efforts to bring all tracks up to a similar quality. The game provides very enjoyable driving, very different from F1-racing, more down to wheel-to-wheel driving. The quality, despite the short development time is fully up to our standards and when you play the game, you will see it has CTDP written all over it.

Some more news about the game and the series are on our website and at Over the next time we will do some entries about the Making of the Game. Stay tuned and try the demo. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Light – Superleague Formula 2009”

  1. So that’s why everything’s been so quite around here. 😀
    Well done guys, you did the right thing in taking this opportunity, imho.
    I just wish I didn’t have that stuttering that prevents me from playng the demo properly. 🙁
    I tried different solutions, but I still have it (as written in the official forum).
    My complimets again: I hope this will lead to even better results in the future! 😉

  2. Another guy said that he solved his problems after buying the license, so it may be a Trymedia problem. I’m not sure whether I heard about this for rF too in the past: I can’t recall anything in particular about this.

  3. Great job guys. I not really keen on the mixture of football and motorsports, but was pleasantly surprised this project was done by you guys. I think its a great step of which i hope its the first endeavor of future big projects done by you.

    I’m a unconditional fan of CTDP since F1 Challenge days, and i bought the game to support you and ISI.

    Best of luck for the future. A fan here.

    1. Thank you, believe me the concept raised quite a few eyebrows when we first heard it, but the series works even for-non-football-fans like me. I watched a few races and the show is good. It’s certainly very different from F1, but it’s worth a shot.

  4. Yes, it may be an alternative (and a bit expensive) “patch”. 😀
    As soon as I’ll have some spare time I’ll try the demo on W7 RC too: let’s see if the problem happens there too.

  5. It’s amazing how fast you guys work when is money involved 😀 I’ve tried the game, yes is very well done, except the AI that suck like in any rFactor mod, because that’s what the game actually is, another rfactor mod released as stand alone. The circuits – am not so crazy about, would’ve been nice to see high quality work like in Bahrain International.But I understand the reasons why you have to use Simbin’s work. In may opinion this should have been released as part of rFactor so we be able to race other tracks, but anyway ISI it’s taken the Simbin money making path, probably someone will convert this to rFactor :P. Good job CTDP. But why I did not see any mention of CTDP name on official game page? Anyway as quality CTDP 2006 is way better 😀 Now that this is done hope you have more time to finish 1994 season, I can’t wait to put my hands on it, but I’m sure all rFactor community members feel the same. Hope CTDP will not go Simbin path and keep it real.

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