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Continuing our weekly sifting through the WIP-shots done in the past 2 months. I got a bunch of pictures of Williams 09. Done by Kevin ‘Fongu’ Wong. Fongu is not new and has frequently worked for CTDP before. Among his works are the models of the Super Aguri SA-05 and SA-06 in the F1-2006 mod. The car was also started in January. You gotta love the Williams Team, they released a couple of promotion renders of their car in orthogonal views. Since the presentation car in January, many things have been changed, which weren’t updated in the model yet. Which is why you see the presentation-nose on the car, not the one used in Melbourne. This will be done later.

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11 thoughts on “WIP Williams 09”

  1. Nope, as with our other mods, it’s going to be released for free, once it is finished. If you want to support us, I suggest the donation button on our website.

  2. Looking good! Keep it up!

    (Out of interest, is this now a higher priority than the 1994 mod? As in, are you working on the 2009 mod more than the 1994 mod? Thanks.)

  3. Nope, as we said in the beginning, different people work on different mods. At the moment there is not much WIP to show, so we show some of the stuff earlier on.

  4. Can’t wait for the 94 mod, it shall be great no doubt thanks CTDP! 😀

    Oh and nice Williams WIP lol 😉

  5. Hallo guys I have some questions, will be possible make Qualifying 3x times like sezon in new rFactor 2? You have some information about rFactor 2 if will be posible or no? And move peole in pits-stop, real SC, real falgs, demage cars, and many more. I hope rFactor 2 will be better like rFactor 1 no only graphic. Have fun CTDP team.

  6. Hello Martin,

    even if we would know all details about rf2 we wouldn’t tell. It’s ISI’s job and they will publish details at a time of their choosing.

  7. something irrelevant with this.is there any progress with the 1994 mod.please tell us how much of this is ready and also post some picctures too.we haven’t got any news from this mod for a long time now.after christmas i thought untill the summer the mod will be ready but no.i know you are working on two mods.news please!hope the mod will be ready soon!
    also the 2009 mod is looking very good!

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