Sometimes on the Cebit in Hannover …

In Germany is currently the Cebit, the biggest annual computer and trading fair in the country. Timo, one of our beta testers was visiting the fair this weekend and just had to take a few pictures of the race simulator Toyota was offering. Especially the car looked strangely familar.

Toyota 2005 at CebitToyota 2005 at Cebit

What surprises us the most is, that they are still using the 2005 model, guess the 2006 mod sucks.

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6 thoughts on “Sometimes on the Cebit in Hannover …”

  1. C: That’s just cool? Toyota is using the best virtual version of one of their cars 🙂

    And no… The 2006 mod doesn’t suck 😉

  2. Probably it’s the same simulator where I won a Toyota Auris’ clock and a Trulli’s cap at the last Motor Show in Bologna: I wanted to try it, even if it was just a couple of laps at Mills with all aids turned on, but I managed to be the fastest of the day, so I got those gifts. 😀

  3. Yup, probably why they didn’t use CTDP 2006 because they using the 1.150 version of rFactor 😡 Someone please email Toyota to let them know there’s an update for it … 😡

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