Patch v1.1 for CTDP 2006

Good morning!

As you guys may know we’re working on the CTDP 2006 Patch v1.1. But it has become more than a patch. There were some physics changes as well as a lot of graphical bugfixes. Caused by physicchanges old setups can be useless.  So at the moment we’re testing the patch to see if we resolved all the bugs we had in our bugtracker. The whole patch will be around 700MB. There will be a v1.1 fullinstaller as well as a new server edition. While the patch installer became pretty big, the server edition is really small. 13 MB contains everything you need to run a dedicated server with CTDP 2006. But you have to remove the v1.0 DSE Installation first BEFORE you install the new, small DSE version.

About a possible releasedate… well you guys know us 😉 It’s done when it’s done, but you guys can be sure we have something special for you on releaseday. The patch and the fullinstaller will be released as torrent only for about a week. After v1.0 release we had 15 http mirrors and ALL of them crashed after a while because of the heavy traffic. So torrent is our only choice for this time.

To make this post complete, here’s the changelog of the bugs we’re fixed till now:


  • Tyres, more compounds available for some tracks, some minor revisions to heating.Tyres are very similar, but have slightly more differences per compound.
  • New Slip-curve resolution for all cars, the main purpose was to improve the traction control system. However, the new slip curves enhance the driving experience as well to an extent.
  • The new traction control works much more accurately, reducing its effect in high speed corners, and as a result new traction control settings in upgrades menu are available to match.
  • Some of the upgrades for some teams had small mistakes: eg Redbull rearwing range
  • All engine RPM’s now match with what is said in the upgrades page.
  • Engine boost mapping has been reversed (B1 is max RPM, boost 6 is race RPM, B9 conservation), this makes the garage display more accurate, the shift lights more accurate.
  • Minor improvement (in terms of realism) to engine life for some vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug to provide more power loss when slip-streaming another vehicle.
  • The HUD shift light now automatically changes per track, although it can still be overridden by choosing an upgrade.
  • Toyota, slightly tweaked suspension geometry.
  • Suspension geometries are moved to possibly work better with LeoFFB, while not being compromised in any way.
  • Not quite physics related, but new Leo FFB settings are provided which provide better force feedback.
  • Setup notes contain suggested RPM for all cars now, you should have default setup loaded for this to work.
  • Default physics forced  on tracks that are not part of the 2006 Season is now the  post season upgrade.

League Physics

  • Engine is now Cosworth CA2006 Series 6 instead of the Series 2 engine, thus providing about 15bhp more.
  • Traction control overrides now work in the league physics.
  • HUD Shift light changes now work with league physics.


  • Added: Missing DVD-Cover
  • Fixed: Williams: Crash in DirectX 8 caused by texture bugs
  • Fixed: Renault: Mild Seven logo of right winglet reversed
  • Fixed: Ferrari: Front Wing Logos and new Case-Logo on the nose, which was missing on the north-american liveries
  • Fixed: Ferrari: Japanese rearwing texture, wrong color of lower plane
  • Added: Ferrari: Four step bardge boards upgrade for Turkey 
  • Added: Ferrari: missing  logos front wing used early season.
  • Fixed: Super Aguri: Minor texture errors
  • Fixed: Midland/Spyker: no Neutral-decals on the texture
  • Fixed: McLaren: Cockpit Fin was missing
  • Fixed: Toyota: rimshields and incorrect shadows on some upgrade parts corrected
  • Fixed: Toyota: Trulli helmet ultra bright reflection issue
  • Fixed: Mclaren: Number of rev light on the dashboard
  • Fixed: Honda: Incorrect Honda upgrades mixed up for some rounds and corrupt TV cam
  • Fixed: Renaut: upgrades USA/Canada.
  • Fixed: BMW Sauber: suspension upgrades mixed up
  • Fixed: When the control center has the LOD setting at minimum and ingame settings medium a crash would result in all DX levels
  • Fixed: Rear light texture errors on various car LODs
  • Fixed: Misc. minor texture mapping  errors various cars


  • Added: Manual translations in Italian, German and French
  • Fixed: Crash after starting replay (bad MP3 encoding of music files)
  • Fixed: Crash of ControlCenter on startup
  • Fixed: Pit garage slots placement, the team order on some tracks was wrong
  • Fixed: Installer overwriting realfeelplugin.ini, if you already have a realfeel-configuration, this will be kept.
  • Updated: Extended credits list
  • Improved: Sound-pack by Michael Ode (new samples, high-samples improved, opponents quieter incar, external sounds slightly less agressive)
  • Default textures/Liveries renamed to reduce the possiblity of car/track texture conflicts.
  • Added extra tracks to support the automatic loading of liveries.

25 thoughts on “Patch v1.1 for CTDP 2006”

  1. Hmmm.. I’m pretty excited what the special will be! My tip: BMW Sauber F1.09 🙂
    Would be cool, but it will happen just in my dreams…

  2. I thought I would pepper it up a bit, so added added some more features that were fixed to the list above. As the list of bugs in our tracker got quite big. some things got fixed, some didn’t, where we felt it wasn’t sufficiently important. however the list now should contain the more important features 🙂

  3. “Will arms be released with this? Will arms be released with this? Will arms be released with this? Will arms be released with this?” Why do some people find it so necessary to have arms in the game? You should be concentrating on the road 1m-75m ahead of you, not watching the arms move in your car.

  4. Hi.

    I have one question about hmmm damages.

    Is it possible to set to my mechanics in the pit repair suspension damages? so i can drive car normaly.

    i wanna set that i my league.

  5. Hi there. Can you comment on the quality of offline racing (overall AI behaviour)? I’m still playing CDTP05 offline a lot but AI is really not too enjoyable in my opinion. I have already tested different PLR settings… not really successful. The only mod with “good” AI behaviout that I have driven so far is iDT’s CCWS06, but these cars are a bit too easy to drive. Can I hope for (the updated) CDTP06 mod in terms of offline racing? Thanks & greetings!

  6. lol
    Someone lived in a space/time warp for the past 4 months, it seems. 😀

    And remember: we have F1RL2009!!! (double lol) 😆

  7. Thank you for the patch.
    Just a small question about the Monaco track, is there any news about that project?

  8. I love this thing but…I patched the sim to 1.1 and it took away my ability to have a auto transmission? I uninstalled and delete all the old stuff and installed the Complete install 1.1 and I have same problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled 1.0 and I have auto transmission function back again? I know how to turn it on and off in the menus, am I missing something? I spent my day off not being able to play this. Waa Waa G25 and GT and DF GT

  9. Please re-fix the ClassOverride=”Formula 1″ in your upgrade.ini files. You added the lines but left them commented out “//” making the in-game scoring wrong (still). This effects the importing of results for many programs and really makes the mod look poorly made (which it is not).

    For more information on how to fix your addon, please see

  10. hi – nice patch, great mod. but i still cannot watch replays. the game crashes to the desktop while loading them. any advice?

  11. I just installed CTDP 2006 last night. I don’t think I have any of the patches installed unless they autoinstalled somehow. I get a grid of identical cars. Whatever car I choose, and I can cgoose any, I get all the same. Ideas? Love the way it looks and drives!!

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