Benetton B194

After weeks of working on that damn car – thanks to Dahie – i think i just have made the best out of it. And also the best shape out of the 1994 cars. So now it is up to Dahie to give the car its unique livery this shape deserves 😀 it is not that i want to put some pressure up on Dahie, but everything else than perfect and i will put the car into the trash and keep the old one 😀 i have added some close ups from the new front suspension and brake model. this new suspension and brake model will be given to all cars, since i don’t like the old ones any more. later this evening i will add some screens of the cockpits, so you can see your future working place 😉

8 thoughts on “Benetton B194”

  1. is this a serious question? i did not spend 2 weeks of time for a single car to throw it into the trash again 😉 hmmm, perhaps i do, if Dahie paints a cow out of it…but that would be a cool livery: purple cow 😀

  2. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the steering wheel a bit less rounded? Especially both the bits that are grabbed are joined at a bit of an angle with the rest of the wheel; it’s not a seamless join. At least that’s what I could tell from the limited amount of onboard footage I can dig up from ’94.

  3. Hm, purple cow? Reminds me of some chocolate brand … 😉 Nice idea!

    Oh, no pressure, I will love to paint the third iteration of the car! Just let me finish my Bachelor thesis first. 🙂

  4. anything except 3d meshes.. but i can do a build if i have all the parts… can resize, move add, remove all parts as needed.. physics and textures, I done the work on the 91 LE version..if you need something ask and if i can do it.. i’ll try my best..

  5. LOL i am still driving this car in F1 Challenge. Because i did got 4 CTDP cars of this MOD for F1 Challenge, they are not downloadable anymore. This is looking much better then the version i am having for F1 Challenge. Keep up the good work:D

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