When modders don’t know what to do….

…then they often do things, that are completely unnecessary, perhaps stupid, and completely out of any sense ;). and exactly this happend within this case, too. Not having too much time to do the more important things like face-lifting the benetton once more, i just played around a bit. and what came out of this, you might think it is completely unnecessary and a waste of time and resources. and yes, you might be right with that. but i like it, and that’s the only thing that matters. it is like “the real deal” :D. perhaps you won’t take a notice of it ingame when racing, but you’ll always know: yes, it is there. and who knows, perhaps it will look good once ingame….definetly for all those passionated screenshot makers out there.

next time i will show you something that is more related being important….perhaps 😉

13 thoughts on “When modders don’t know what to do….”

  1. Details are never a waste of time: they give a personality to what it could be “just a good mod”. It’s great to see someone caring these things: nowadays PC are powerful enough to handle it, so let’s bring details on! 😀

  2. ah, i forgot to mention, that this is only the model for the teams that used that (most of the teams). for benetton, lotus, williams there is a complete different suspension, brake and brakeduct model. will ad the pics later on

  3. I’ve got idea!

    You could include upgrade: “race whithout aero-body” in the 1994 MOD =)))))

    So, your work would be not useless 😉

  4. I don’t know what their source is, but it’s not very good. Still I find this interesting as well. In the good old days, you decided on your own, which mods you are working on. Now somebody just takes a guess … intersting policy. 😀

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