A matter of interpretation

The last few days I had a long discussion with Marco, who modelled most of the 1994 cars and also the Benetton which I’m painting.

The most difficult thing is to get good resources, good pictures. It’s no comparison to the flood of images you can get in all kinds of quality for modern F1-cars, but working with the limited sources we have is challenge. Many images are low-resolution and captures of the races are of low quality. We often resort in using 18:1 models to get at least some base for our work. So you see there is alot of room for interpretation and actually missinterpretation.

Marco was convinced, that Benetton hat different sidepods in 1994 and upgrades them during the season. The first one being quite bulky and straight and then later become slightly more curvish. He based this on his modell and what he “saw” in the pictures. I didn’t see it at all and so it took quite some time and alot of pictures to convince him of my point of view. I’m glad he is a fair chap and listens to me, even though I can be annoying with details sometimes. You see the more accurate the model, the easier it is to paint. 8)

By the way, the Benetton in the center is the old TDG Benetton from 2003. Back then it was well-crafted, but today it’s totally out of date and too undetailed. However having the archive is a big help to compare and sort out problems like this one.

So I made Marco agree with me now and it had nothing to do with the threat of physical violence or a 4 million ¥ bribe. 🙂 He’ll be reworking the sidepod for the next weeks and in February I’ll get back painting. For me this is perfect, because I’m having exams the next few weeks anyway and so I don’t get any chance to procrastinate. 🙂

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  1. Good luck guys! May I just suggest you don’t go crazy on detail like 2006? We don’t need every upgrade or different physics for each track. Just a good base for physics should work in well-made tracks.

    For pictures, doesn’t F1-live have some hi-res archives? I got a bunch of François Cévert stuff and that’s 1969-73, imagine 1994 :).

  2. why don’t you post any new screenshots at rfactorcentral.com?it will be nice to see some new renders!just to see how the mod is progressing

  3. i have the gp brazil 1994 in high definition….if u want i can try to get some pictures from the video with virtualdub….i dont know but maybe could be useful…just let me know

  4. There are no screenshots since nothing is ingame yet. We are still early in the development of 1994, although we already have alot, but nothing is final, alot will be improved and take a while till it is ingame. We will post screenshots once we have more than an empty showroom.

  5. It’s good to have such discussion, isn’t it? It can be worth participating, cause could learn something from the counter part of the discussion, right? Exchanging each others experience/s is always interesting.

  6. Absolutely! As long as the counterpart is not too stubborn and accepts the facts, this discussions are healthy and contribute to get a better result. It may not be the most easy way and result in more work, but ultimately in better quality.

  7. it just costs a bit more time, that’s all. all textures were done in 1024, so either, you do them completely new, or you scale up the old ones, and rework the upscaled one. i prefer to do it completely new, but with the upscaled one as reference in the background.
    to answer the question about the details and upgrades through out the season: there will be 4 packages: first one will be brazilian spec cars. these cars runned nearly unchanged until monaco. high downforce wings for aida and monaco and texture changes will be included. this package is close to be finished. second one includes the changes made by the FIA for the race of barcelona. third will be canada with the cut holes in the airboxes. and fourth will be b-spec versions of the cars and the mounted wooden plank from germany onwards. we thought of releasing the first version first and then step by step the next ones, but dicision is not taken on that topic.

  8. this is a very good idea bmwfan,i mean to release the first version first and then release the next ones.but i think that you (ctdp) want to release it finished not step by step.i just want to play this mod as early as possible because the 1994 season is one of my loved ones(except for the death of ayrton senna my hero).by the way have got a release date? around which month are you looking to release?just let me know.i am dreaming this mod for so long.great job so far and congratulations on your victory at the moty awards 2008.you deserve it for the hard work that you did!

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