Regarding Server Edition

It’s one of the questions we got the most during the last few days, so let me clarify it here.

There won’t be an Equal-physics aka Server Edition!

It’s a long discussion, that began when we release F1-2005 1.0 without SE, continued when we released with SE and is still up. Our opinion was, that the SE hurt the mod. We spent alot of time working out the indivudiual carphysics and we did so even more on the F1-2006 mod. SE destroys that.

At the end the discussion is about whether it’s worth building physics for every team. 10 years ago, this wasn’t the default and Simracers tried everything to get individual physics for each car. Today with multiplayer being a must this has changed. It’s no problem having unique physics for each car, but people want to drive F1, while degrading it to a standardized equal-car series. I could imagine the same peoples outcry when they hear plans for standardized components, engines and aerodynamic rules. But hey I get off topic. CTDP put alot of effort into the physics and we won’t castrate them.

On a technical node. We included so many team-dependatand variables in the physics, like the suspension-model and brakes-model, that it’s impossible to have equal-physics. At best “near-equal”-physics.

Next word goes to leagues. our stand on the issue is related to public servers and public downloads. For leagues we have the option to give out a “near-equal-physics” patch, on request. While we don’t endorse it in public racing, we see the necessity in league racing.

And finally just to clarify. The “Dedicated Server Edition” is the original mod without any textures and sounds. Thereby it’s “only” about 750mb big and can be installed on rF-Multiplayer-Server without taking up 4gb of hd space.

Update: With the release of version 1.2 of the 2006 mod, we introduced a tool to create your own equal-physics variant of the mod inherited by a car of your choice. Check out the mod deriver in rFactor/ModData/CTDP/CTDP06/mod_deriver/

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7 thoughts on “Regarding Server Edition”

  1. I guess I am slightly disappointed. Running a league, its always best to have identical cars. But I respect your decision and appreciate the time it takes to change everything. If it’s still fully editable, I guess some people might simply use the same .vcr file, bar a few things? Or am I completely wrong?

    Anyway, the mod will be amazing, regardless.

    I am definitely interested in the ‘near equal physics patch’, and I’ll get in touch after the release.

    Cheers Guys.

  2. having different handling characteristics is fine, what a server edition should be is the power/torque btw the cars should be the same. that way different cars need to still be set up different ways making it a good idea for leagues.

    ive never played a ctdp mod, i have just been playing rfactor for a few months now.

    it was an attractive prospect to use in my league, but i guess ill just play the public edition of ctdp 06, and use mmg for my league.

  3. So it’s impossible to have a 100% Same Physics for leagues… because “We included so many team-dependatand variables in the physics, like the suspension-model and brakes-model”…

    So in scale of 1 to 100… how is going to be the “near-identical-physics”?

  4. I understand this move. It’s ok to have independant (not equal) wheelbase and that stuff in every team. But making some sort of equal engines for the teams might be solution to our ‘problem’.

  5. Why does a league need the same physics for every car? The only important thing for a league would be equal times. I’m assuming that’s what “near equal physics” means?

  6. @ Andrey,

    If the wheelbases are unequal, it can cause un equal phsyivs.

    For us to have equal cars, we are going to use[if we want the ‘quickest for 2006 package’] for example either ferrari engines and/or phsyics and/or renault engines and/or physics, for all cars.

    *If* we want things equal, then the wheelbases need to be equal. It makes a difference. If you don’t notice a difference, that does not change the fact that there is proof that there’s a difference.

    Look here, scroll down to post 163 onwards:

    Some notice a difference, some don’t. Then on the next page post 192 is proof that it makes a difference.

    It can be fixed, and because there is proof that it does make a difference, there should be zero question about fixing it[assuming we do want equal physics].

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