Picking up 1994

Now that F1 2006 is over, we are organising the next mod(s). F1 1994 has been in the tube for ages and will now get the attention it deserves. Marco has been working on if for over a year now and has made good progress reworking many shapes and painting the basic textures. These textures are outlines for the final textures in lower resolution, with missing details and now shading. The final textures beginn now and will be in 2048×2048 resolution and full baked rendershadows as we did in F1-2006. I’m painting Benetton, Mediocre will make his first steps on the Pacific and Mike is working on Ferrari. Both are new to the team and are welcomed. 🙂

Marco continue to work on new improved suspensions for several teams and is currently mapping the Ligier.

Shaun started some work on the helmets, although we have to finish the models first. He will get help by Ste and comback-guy Rob.

Raül returns with some first amazing renders of the current williams. It should be noted this is the current texture, but not the final one, so there will be improvements in the next months to come.

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7 thoughts on “Picking up 1994”

  1. Great news!

    I thought the mod was dead. I’m really glad to see you make progress. Just a few things that I’m curious about:

    – will the cars have their own sounds? There were quite a few engine suppliers in 1994 Renault, Ford, Ferrari, Yamaha, Peugeot, Mugen-Honda, Hart, Mercedes, Ilmor.
    – Are you planning to make all the drivers who have driven thru the season. There were team who changed driver lineups per race. Of course Mighty Nige should have a seat in the “RED 2”

    Anyway KEEP ON WORKING! I love your previous mods (2005 and 2006) they are stunning!



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