Beta testing and the left-overs

How do I start this. I had some software engineering courses, which also covered the topic of beta testing. Actually 5 people testing the software really deeply are supposed to be enough to find 90% of the bugs. Adding more people to this will increase the chances of finding more bugs insignificantly. We had lots of testers, which in my opinion did a good job. Some were very verbose about bugs and although we may have sounded annoyed sometimes, we were glad about every issue reported and we always encouraged that.

But still, the situation was tough: 3 game modes, 6 possible gen-files, 11 teams, 17 gp configs for upgrades and skins and many more variations. There is no good approach to this amount of permutations. We played with the thought to do organised check-list testing for everything, which resulted in a 33-sheet spreadsheet, which was unhandy to use. So we trusted, that so many people with so many testers, most bugs are found.

In my opinion this worked and even though there are a few slips that are reported, so far nothing serious was found. We got emails with feedback and with some technical advise (yes, we also learn new things every now and then!), which we are thankful for.

Everything is collected in our bugtracker and will be reviewed in the next couple of days. I can’t tell yet when there will be a patch, since nothing serious is to fix, we don’t have to rush.

Still we welcome and value your feedback!

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10 thoughts on “Beta testing and the left-overs”

  1. @lollypop look at others working less then this time making a hundered patches and even then not everything is fixed.
    I think there wont be so many problems with bugs so the patch will be very small or if you release with Intro movie the part of bugfixing is very small. And perhaps sometime there will be rF2 and you just release an update so it fits the new possibilities.

  2. Just wondering if it was mentioned somewhere that there is a slight problem with cars tilting in multiplayer? I have experienced this problem in my server and I’m told you could also see it on the PSRTV broadcast as well.

  3. Hi!. I downloaded your mod yesterday ( WOW! i really like it ) and playe a few laps with the williams

    worked okey. I had setted the graphics to the max (Dx9) in 800×600 resolution (just in case). I generally use 1024×768, so after the few laps i closed the game, setted to 1024×768 and started it again.

    Every car crashes. And i found later that the Mclaren crashes even in 800×600.

    My pc is having problems recently i admit. But isn’t it strange that in 800×600 i can do whatever i want (except with the Macca) but on the other hand i can’t do anything in 1024×768?

    I could only do a couple of laps with the BMW and the Renault in 1024×768. =(

    Should be my computer, right?

    [btw, im using an ATI Radeon 9700 pro, 256mb. Maybe is something with the drivers perhaps?)

    Anyway, thanks for your outstanding work! ^^

  4. f15active – thats a bug with rFactor, not with the mod. You will see many mods doing this, it happens randomly in races but when it appears it stays for the whole race.

  5. Now it’s time for a little break: you deserve it guys! Give time to the people to find any bugs left (if any), you’ll have the chance to fix them in a second moment. By now, just look at the world with different eyes! 😀

  6. I really wondered how you had implemented the automated individual track configuration stuff so i had a look at the track and upgrade config files.. and wow.. really clever… although alot of work has been put in, i can see 🙂 You even have filters to match dfferent versions of the same track. I tried a couple of tracks and it worked! I was amazed, different chassie, tire and aero packages, meaning completly different start conditions per track. Now setup work on the car is something else. Its not possible to just download a setup of your favourite alien driver, tweak it a little bit to your liking and then basically use it whereever you race.., no its more like starting from scratch every time.. on every track.. in every car.. brilliant !

    Anyway, then i thought, finally i can race AI at Monza running similar top speeds as i do, so i fired up ISI’s Brianza which leads me back to why i started to write in this topic in the first place. The AI’s wouldn’t do more than approx 190 kmh here. Dont know if its only on my rig. Could be a bug 🙂


  7. Thanks Ryan, I was just curious because MMG had a similar problem and they thought it was in the suspension files, it seems to have a random nature about it.

  8. Well, I remember in this blog, that CTDP people said that they only will release version 1.0 without patches or updates.

    I remember that I said that it will be impossible, they will have bugs.

    I’m laughing about this. Over 5-6 months with tests and there are bugs, lol.

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