Today is the difference…

The difference of today to other days is, that today two people apologised for their language in the mail. I could break one of my pencils when I read this. This is not my first rant about this, but I get the feeling it just doesn’t stop, heck why do you talk at all, when you have to apologise for trying your best. Quit it now, you’re embarrassing yourself!

Few weeks ago, I got a very cool and nice mail in spanish. I could barely read it, but I got the point and had people translate it to me for confirmation. Please don’t apologise or just write in German, Spanish, French or Chinese, we get it deciphered, I promise. 😉

Update: I actually thought about adding a PS-Paragraph, but thought “nah, don’t”. Now, I add it:

PS: Please stop asking for Beta-testing. We will not accept any new people and being a good driver is no criteria!

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