16 thoughts on “Promo-Video by Simon Adebisi”

  1. well…..awesome isnt the right word for this great stuff, but i dont know any other word wich might be more positive 😉

  2. Guys? Is this the intro movie?

    I think it would work great as the intro movie – gets you hyped for racing, gets you hyped for CTDP!

  3. hello guys ive never played a ctdp mod,lol, only been playing rfactor for a few months, but would this be a good mod for competition in leagues? or would the renault,ferrari, and mclaren drivers be faster than every one else?

  4. Just a question guys. I don’t like those questions like ‘can I run this at high with my PC’ but I doubt all people will get this mod to play smooth..

    I’d like to know from the betatesters what is needed for playing the mod with 22 cars at 1280×960 (or something) with AA and high to max details. Will that run at a steady 50/60 FPS with a Core 2 Duo 3.0, a Ati 4850 1G and 4Gig of RAM?

    I mean, I ordered my budget PC this afternoon, and I can’t really imagine how rF would run with those specs. Will it be high FPS and heavy on CPU, or will it struggle with the FPS? Kinda difficult to answer, but could someone please tell me what we can expect of the performance and demands of this mod?

  5. It should do it easily… Only thing the PC needed was a quad core 😉 But it’ll do, it’ll do very much!

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