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  1. Well, yeah… Okay Tappi 🙂

    Exciting video 🙂 That Monaco looks good – I look forward to seeing your yachts :D, but why “Flying helicopter…”? 😛 Did I miss something?!

  2. Very pleasing indeed 🙂 The road surface seems to have a lot more detail in it than comparable versions, which is perhaps the most important aspect; it’s very hard to set up the car correctly otherwise!

  3. I looked around your site & couldn’t find a definate answer so i’ll ask here 🙂 will the mod include all the tracks of the ’06 season or just a select few..or none? great work btw! thanks!

  4. I saw that when the driver takes rough corner the camera is going deeper into the corner to make the curve more visible.
    Is that right or I smoke too much?;]


  5. sounds are sh1t… omg…2 years of development and nothing done….congratulations guys…won’t even download this sh1t

  6. Did I ever tell you CTDP that I love you? LOL, this Monaco almost made me choke on my morning coffee. Fantastic, it outshines any current version, they cannot even be compared to this one.

    @ Sly, I think this happens when you set “Look ahead” to a high value, so you can probably change it the way you like it when you get it 🙂

  7. @Sly – It’s the way Whata has his rFactor settings tuned. He has turned on look-to-apex abit and this is why it looks like the car drifts/understeers.

    @anger – Ahh well. You want a stick to play with. We never claim our sounds are great ;). And in the two years of development, if you cared to read the past 6months of the devblog you will see why the sounds are this way. But being someone that has more brain reactions to a stick than reading then I can see why you struggle.


  8. I normally drive in cockpit view that’s why I have look ahead on. It was just a quick lap of the place because atm the AI isn’t great and hits a few walls here and there, although the lap wasn’t bad upto the final 2 corners 😉

  9. Yep we know, don’t worry about that, if i can talk Andy into it we’ll hopefully do 2005/6 2007 and 2008 version of the track as in 07 and 08 there were slight changes made to the track.

  10. I have to ask, do you have a rough idea when this might be released? It looks awful close to finished in the video…

    I ask because I run a Historic GT & Touring Car league (http://efnetcars.mybb3.org) and we would really love to use Monaco next season, but seemingly every version of the track we tried LAST season had something wrong with it. Yours looks like it might be perfect–any chance this will be released in the next few weeks?

  11. It’s not awful close to being finished. For the moment Monaco has some serious financial problems, which caused all yacht owners to sell their boats, which explains the lack of ships. Also since there is no money, nobody can pay for light and all lamps where removed. Half the trees were cut for burning and campfires. Public transportation is non-existing, as well as any cars, Monaco is just too poor nowadays. Oh and the people got eaten by zombies.

  12. simply great, hope u’ll keep “bad textures” to fit my fps crises ;p. Just wonder, why those two stripes rails in front of wayout areas?

  13. also been waiting for this track, but nothing seems to be going forward :/ It’s just such a superb track so I really think it’s a shame. I can understand that the guys are busy developing the 2009 F1 mod and 1994 F1 mod, so now I’m wondering maybe you can publish a beta or perhaps send me this version only for private use (A). I know it’s probably never gonna happen, but I thought why not ask? ^^ Anyhow the best version of Monaco out there! Keep on going CTDP!

    Regards Fredrik Lundvall 🙂

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