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“no spare mental capacity left to multitask on devblog right now” afborro

Afborro already wrote such a nice posting about his work on the driver body, but didn’t take the last step, glad I help out. This is what he wrote:

Not been doing much bug fixing lately so what have I been doing ?
driver model and rigs

Over the next few days. The old driver wil be removed from the game and replaced witht the new one. Shaun been doing a few paints and having me made the last few model tweaks I put him in the Ferrari.

I never liked drivers in mods that have stick fingers and arms Hope this a bit of an improvement over that. Also the arms and hands can be easily customised via a bones and kinematics driven implementation for rF1 to fit each car as needed, but also that it can be animated in rF2, (or may be in rF1 via Gonzo’s rtfm=1 )

So I thought would be fun to show the bit in him that reminds me of terminator 2, with 20 hand bones and 4 arms bones, the rig that controls it.

This rig is separate from the biped to be used for the spinner, largely to produce somethign that was a lot friendlier in polycount for ingame, the biped didn’t work well or look good after poly optimisation, so this new way of doing it for ingame, the polycount including LODs of the driver is the same as the original.

In the meantime Whata is working on the driver body textures.

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  1. All looks good. Not saying you should (because that would mean i wouldn’t get this for free ;)), but surely you could get payed to work for Codemasters with their new game judged by what i’ve seen so far. Amazing.

  2. f15active, there is no proper way to do that in rF1, apart from the well known fudge if you like , “attach the arms to the steering wheel”, an there is a strong for and against camp, it could be implemented as an optional upgrade, we don’t have that upgrade right now, perhaps it could be done as a separate addon at a later date, but I am not making any promises about that right now. We are in “feature freeze” mode, and no new functionality/requests will be added to the mod at this time.

  3. I’m impressed of your great job. That ferrari looks in one just word: “perfect”. I have every mods, every f1 games, and the best for now in graphics is the F1CE for PS3. It’s a pitty Rfactor is still behind SimBin regarding some graphics improvements and physics. In any case I still use CTDP05 for F1C and Rfactor 🙂 🙂 Let’s see if Rfactor2 surprises all of us and you can always release for the SimBin GTR EVO. MMG is on the way.

    Thanks for your level of excellence and I hope to enjoy your releases for ever.

  4. I Believe 6e66o is member of the CTDP staff, and those arms are the ones they’re working on them… I’d like to see fingers changing gears, like the EA F1 games, but that’s just my opinion, anyway, I want to play this game, and nevermind the arms… Great Work… and sorry for Hamilton’s appeal.. what a shame of FIA

  5. X3me_Race, that is dong what I already explained, simply attaching the arms to wheel, yes it is possible but that is not what we do. To me it doesn’t look nice, and even less so in cockpit view, although there is a way around that to have it work in only tvcam and not cockpit, if I were to have it all that is how I would have it.

    I knew this would be hot topic and it always has been with all open wheel mods in rF, so I discusssed this matter with Andy (NeidRyder) and this is what I will do so as to put this matter to bed for our mod.

    1. For the release we will NOT include moving arms in the mod !!

    2. As this is easy to implement, I will make it available as separate download sometime after release in the form of two small files that you simply need in place in each of the team folders, becuase it takes little time to do it, but other than it will not be supported by us.

    Those who like moving arms can then by me a beer, if moving hands in this way are popular than I should end up with a lot of beer 🙂

  6. Afborro just said that the mod will be released “without arms”, so you won’t need a “no-hands” upgrade. Spend a few seconds to read other people comments too. 😉

  7. “1. For the release we will NOT include moving arms in the mod !!”


    i have read these before, but i realized that there would be arms without movement..

  8. “f15active, there is no proper way to do that in rF1, apart from the well known fudge if you like”

    afborro, I was aware of that; but I was going to point out the result I think was achieved very well by LMT in their 2008 mod that X3me_Race has already linked to.

    Anyway this doesn’t matter, after reading your latest comment I am very pleased with what you plan to do, so thank you very much. 😉

  9. “2. As this is easy to implement, I will make it available as separate download sometime after release”

    And the second part was quite clear about the fact that arms would not have been in the main release. 😉
    Remember that rF does not support animations, so the only “animated arms” you can see are in reality fixed. 🙂

  10. Is there someone who can explain why in TV cockpit , I’m always quicker in laptimes than when I drive just in cockpitview. I hope in CTDP ’06 that wil be over,

  11. because in t-cam view you are watching the track in a greater angle then in the cockpit view. That means that in general, it should be easier to estimate distances and because of that, you can drive a bit more precise. When you practise more in cockpit view, the difference should get smaller.. But that’s just up to you, if you want to practise more to drive in cockpit

  12. Nope. well, I say nope, you may be able somehow to extract something form the files in f1c, I never tried or know if that is posible, but even if you did, it can only be used as a fixed 3D model in rF, so I wouldn’t see any point. It can’t be animated in any case as that is driven by the game engine, and the rF engine doenslt have that feature, like f1c, GTR etc.

  13. I think if ISI doesnt come out with Rfactor 2 very soon rF Community gonna be dead cause GTR Evo is the next generation for now. MMG startedmodding on GTR Evo and i hope CTDP will bring out 2006 also for this game.

  14. If ctdp starts to make 2006 mod for GTR evo , it will take 3 years again…
    You wanna play 2006 in year 2013 while there will be codemasters f1 2013 game , who knows , maybe till that year there will be WorldWar3 or something else.

  15. Could you please stop writing these bullshit RobertsLV?!? If would convert the mod to Evo it would not take 3 years, even the version for rF did not take 3 years up to now ‘cos we did not start the mod 06 as the season 2006 started.

  16. Just to put a small reality check on GTR evo being the bext best thing for mods, and this is not cirticism of that game, I just bought it myself the other day and giving it a good grilling.

    While it has animations, rain, there are others thigns it doesn’t have, like being able to adjust engine programs or boost while in the car (AFAIK) and therefore managing you engine throughout a race. I would really miss that element when it comes to F1. also the plugin systems to allow for features such as realfeal, leoFFB. the spotterplugin, all those things that add to the immmersion factor and are important in F1 mods (IMO).

    For a mod as complex as our 2006 mod, there is no upgrade system in evo, so that would complicate getting all the various car specs in game, while possible, it doesn’t come without its own problems, both from the tools available right now to do it, as well as the platform itself.

    Don’t take this as meaning we have done any concrete work on it as a Team, we have no plans, this is from my personal experience having put some stuff in GTR 2 myself recently to try out and avaluate the options, more out of curiousity rather than anything else.

  17. As for the upgrade modes, I wouldnt miss that, and about engine programs/boost… well maybe at somepoint they have something for that.

    About the plugins… seriously… with a good game like GTR Evolution, who needs plugins? I want a game that I can play without the need of downloading bucketloads of things to be up-to-date with the racing today.

    Ironically, the rFactor game engine was the base for the GTR series wasnt? Its like criticizing the son of a great father…

  18. I’m used to drive with Spotter Plugin and it would really be a pity to not have it while driving: it’s useful!
    More than this, I also like rF graphics more than GTR Evo (and all the Race serie + expansions): it’s way too dark imho.
    This doesn’t mean GTR Evo is bad, but rF can still give us something good. 😉

  19. Uff, I agree I prefer the clearer crispy look of GTR 2/rF over evo.Ibut after a few laps you get used to it. but it is all tweakable, but it seems the way they like it. GTR 2 GTL do some things differently with the shaders I gues, and how they liked it in GTR/GTL seems a bit different to evo and race.

    In any case, I still like my rF 😉

  20. May i ask for another update on Testing progress? There has not been a word about it recently, would be neat to get a quick update on that. 🙂

  21. It is mainly about physics updates now, We managed to attract some excellent sim drivers around to get the fnial physics refinements under way and it keeps the physics guys busy 😉

    some remaining bug fixes are to be done, From my side, gettign this new driver ingame. Half the driver suits have been painted by Shaun [>WHAT21A<] and all the driver models for each Team had been prepared to go ingame once the suits have beem completed.

    In the mean time Dahie and Andy (Neidryder) are also working hard on various tests, packaging,remaining bugs etc.

    There is plenty happening 🙂

    No doubt, we will write something more when we some of these remaining tasks are nearing completion.

  22. because no one asked I think everyone knows what’s meant by the phrase “Gonzo’s rtfm=1″…but I don’t! so perhaps someone can explain me what this means?!
    or does it mean “read the fuckin’ manual” and is only a nice joke?! 😀

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