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I took some time during the last few weeks and rewrote some of my tutorials, which cover some basic texture handling in rFactor, CTDP’s mods and the use of our templates. Not everything is ready yet and I have to proof read it in the next couple of days, but to give the impression, I put it online already.

I’d like to get feedback, if there are technical areas, I should also cover in the future.

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16 thoughts on “Added Tutorials”

  1. This Mod has reached a point now where it is starting to loose momentum now because people are past waiting for it with any excitement!

    Total nonsense – I’m still here waiting and checking several times a day haha.

    Go guys, you are really working my blood pressure and nerves – don’t think I can take much more though!


  2. A few more articles on the development blog wouldn’t hurt 😛 I check the blog at least 3 times a day and after 2 weeks of nothing being posted, it gets tedious.

  3. could post some shots of the driver suits I suppose 😉 that’s the only graphical thing being worked on now apart from the bug fixes.

    But there really isn’t too much to post.

    All except Super Aguri, Midland/Spyker and Williams are left to do in the driver suit department.

  4. I think 90% is being extremely optimistic about the number of female racing sim drivers, not to mention ctdp mod drivers. Perhaps 99.5% and above male audience? It would be interesting to know the true figures but this well and truly is a boy’s game, you’ve probably got more woman playing fps even!

  5. I don’t think our driver model appeals to the average female audience.

    Some say, “That he got no brain, or that he never eats, and that he can drive a car with his eyes closed backwards, and allegedly he speaks fluent binary that no woman understands.”

    “All we know he is called the CTDP stig”

    signed, Jeremy Clarkson

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