17 thoughts on “Someday in the streets of Valencia”

  1. Heh, assuming the creator had permission couldn’t they have done a better job getting rid of the BMW sponsors? ;D Thats if they were going for that f1.com/event poster plain white car look you know?

  2. 这两天这里这么安静!是不是即将发布了?

    By Ctrlz on Aug 19, 2008

    WTF??? Try in english, it’s not that difficult 🙂

  3. @Ctrlz

    OK, I just asked him to write in english, perhaps translate in babylon:P He was just another fans that can’t wait for the release XD

  4. Isnt what modding teams in rfactor or any game for that matter doing illegal things everyday by moddling cars with real sponsors and realeasing them to public anyways?

    So cant complain about permissions really when it comes to actual F1 hehe 😀

  5. Well, do you have permission from Formule One Management to create all the 2006 F1-cars then:)

    Just wondering..

  6. Yeh i know this, but do we have the right or cheek to complain about permission when we dont have them for any other cars?

    Maybe with other modding groups yeh you have the right to complain but not with a real F1 organisation 😉

    Should be happy to see “your” car in an official f1 event website :p Well happier if it said ctdp instead of intel on rear hehe 😀

    Btw. is it actually illegal to modify game files and release sponsored stuff to public? never been to sure on that subject, or is it fine as theres no money involved?

    Anyways, back to ctdp. All is looking great, looking forward to seeing the final product. 😀

  7. It’s not a matter of permission, we have no idea what the background of this artwork is. For me it’s just some oddity, rather fun than anything else.

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