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First of all, sorry for delay on posting news on the devblog.

We were quite busy working on the mod the last few weeks. I was working on the Safety Car cockpit. The cockpit is ingame now while Shaun is working on the textures. Erale, who did the DTM 2007 mod, will do the rev gauges for us (thanks for that!). Alex (afborro) is working on the new driverbody for the mod and some stuff to increase the performance of the mod (new lod’s etc.)

Now to the most important point of the mod, physics. We are at about 90% and we’re doing intensive testing now. Each weekend we’re racing 2 50% races on 2006 tracks to gain the data we need for the physics.  We finished the Races on Melbourne and Imola last weekend so you can calculate when we’re about to finish. It’s possible that we do more tests after the betatest season is completed but we’ll keep you updated about that.

Another point we’re thinking about is a PSE (public server edition). It’s not a version of the mod with equal physics for each car (like MMG did). It is an installation for the dedicated servers. There you have only the really needed files, e.g. no car textures etc. to get a smaller installation for the dedicated servers.  But we’re not sure if there is really need for it. So comments on this point are more than welcome.

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  1. We have been waiting for 1,5 years now… so i think we´ll able to wait till it´s done… in october i think? well the tests will be finished in 7 weeks but isn´t there any more work? a cool think would be a video of one of our test races… so we can see the cars and maybe a onbourd lap or so 🙂

    it´s great work of you… without you CTDP there wouldn´t exist many mods because in (nearly) every mod is any stuff from you… like the sounds or physics from your 2005 mod… to shape and paint isn´t as difficult as physics and sound or something else like that…

    sry for my bad english… i was working today for 12 hours and i can´t think clearly now… thats another part why i understand you… your all “normal” people who work and have (maybe) a family you make as god work as other developers for FREE thank you CTDP for your work…


  2. All this stuff about Nibiru is made up to make money.
    Everytie when someone on youtube uploads some videos about it , you can see in description links to theyr websites.
    And woow, what a surprise , LOL they are selling T shirts , cups , pencils , survival guids on theyr websites , and other stuff that is related to 2012 😀
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  3. I’ve been waiting for CTDP 2006 for a long time, much like many of you – but why to some people refuse to realise that it’s going to take time for a group of (unpayed by CTDP) people who create a modification by consuming their own time to create something for others to enjoy without a pricetag? Sure, i’d be over the moon if this mod was released right now, but i know it’s not going to happen – so why bicker about it? Do you think that the creators are going to see your comment and say “Hey – this guy said he’s tired of waiting for us to release it. I think we should just release the unfinished project just to appeas him.”

    On a personal question, can any of you people who are actually involved with creating this mod give any clues to (roughly) how big the finished product will be? Thanks.

  4. OH YES!!!!!FSOne is coming up!!!!YOooohooooo!!!!
    no more waiting, how brill is that, CTDP is going on the shelf….

  5. Size in terms of: it has 11 models, each with about 15 different configurations, each with minimum 5-10 skins, unique physics, everything highres …
    or in terms of filesize?

  6. Im just frustrated by their “to be release” date….i still enjoy 2005 season xD
    but i went crazy, when someone said 7 more weeks at least, honestly i destroyed my brand mouse 🙁

  7. It would be realy great to see this mod released after 7 weeks , but thats impossible , because there may be some problems while they are testing and after that they will fix them of course.
    So , i think september could be the soonest release date.
    If we survived these 2 years , then 7 , 14 or 21 weeks would be nothing 🙂
    So good luck guys 😉

  8. CTDP Fan then go and play the shit done by FSONE. PLay FSONE 2006 and 2007.
    I can wait even untill december if we get the best mod (game) on earth.

  9. Please don’t call other mods “shit” or something like that, that’s not neccessary, they also work hard, maybe with focus on other things than details 😉

  10. Metallord, you should respect more the work of other mod groups if you want respect for CTDP team. There are many people working very hard at these groups, you can not say they are shit, you can not say ctdp 2006 will be the best mod and fsone 2007 or MMG 2007 is a shit because you haven’t play still with them.

  11. MMG 2007 was released and they dont have a half of the options of CTDP. FSONE 2006 was shit and that for sure everyone knows that. 2007 gonna be interesting after FSONE broke when they wanted to join MMG.
    I respect MMG and im interested in FSONE 2007 but for 2006 i dont have any respect it was no real mod it was converted and that was bad done.

  12. Did you read my post Metalllord? There is no need to call any mod “shit”. You can have your opinion but write that in a polite way, for example: I don’t like Mod XY 😉

    So and now BTT please, this is the DevBlog of CTDP and not the “I don’t like Mod XY”-Blog of someone else 😉

  13. Staying on topic, I think it could be interesting to learn how these cars behave: we know that each team will have its own physic, so it would be good to know what are the main characteristics of this or of that team (Ferrari fast but not so reliable, Super Aguri with less power, BMW with a lot of understeer etc). 😉

  14. I can assure that the aguri handles like a pig hehe, personally I had a go in the Ferrari last night for the first time in ages, having only driven the aguri in anger recently, the Ferrari felt like an entirely different car. In real life the aguri was about 3 – 5 secs per laps slower on most curcuits in race with the 05 chassis, and with the latest physics developments reflects this quite well. In reality Sato doing 1:38 – 1:40 around nuerburg versus Ferrari and renault doing laps in the 1:32 – 1:34 range, but it is still all being finetuned by our physics guys so will only get better, for me these times work out quite closely as a human driver compare to reality.

  15. i think “Server Edition” is really good idea(why anyone havent done this before?-) ), althought it could confuse someone but one suggestion is that you would release it only in CTPD site where it can be found by league admins and not confusing players in like rfactorcentral..

  16. and for an interesting or boring bit of info for that matter, while I was working updating some LODs, to give you an idea why things take time. in total including all the lod models and different track specifications, for TIRES ONLY, I exported 260 tire meshes to go into rfactor, so you get an idea of the volumes involved 😉

  17. David, the asnwer to that is no, the server edition has solely to do with cutting down on size for dedicated server installation, which does not use the graphical parts, so the textures can just be dummy textures which can be made tiny, If any textures are needed at all, we haven’t tested that exactly. As already said, there is no plan to release a single physics version equivalent right now as we had for CTDP05.

  18. keep up the endless work…this is the triumph of form over content…stupid mod takes so much time…i will not play this…none of my friends will…and i will tell everyone not to play this…

  19. Ah ok thanks for the info, so basically this CTDP is set for the singleplayer users and not online competitive play?

    CTDP05 was huge online competive community, would be sad for it to end 🙁

  20. Releasing the SE was a bad mistake in the first place. Although 90% of the people online picked the mclaren, some people did used to pick other cars like sauber – jordan and minardi. Although the physics are 1million times more detailed than in 2005 for each invidiual track config and car, i’m pretty sure people will not just choose the ferrari or renault, and go for an adverture with the Williams or similar for pickup races.

    Once the SE came out, it cancelled out the choice to choose the physics when on pickup races.

  21. it just cant work for competitive leagues etc for having cars with all different physics. Would be very easy to just add a server edition aswell, ferrari etc physics for all cars.

    If ctdp dont add it then im sure someone from the community will as ctdp05 was such a huge online mod, and if all cars are not equal, they will just pick the fastest now.

  22. CTDP once said they will give us a tutorial to do our own online version as the league version. I understand CTDP cause they do such a great work and nobody is using it because of the server edition.

  23. If not one person in a league like prof1r cannot build a league mod with equal physics then 8-). And I think Metalllord is right, i’m sure Andy said he’d do a guide, if not i’d do one myself.

  24. Im just a little disapointed tbh, for such a great mod which has been in the works for a long time now, and knowing how bad rfactor AI is and there is only so much you can do with it. This mod will only get used for singleplayer. Online it just wont be fair as cars are not equal and everyone will just use the same car, track full of ferrari just dosent appeal to me for online racing.

    But im sure someone will release a SE edition and this i will be looking forward to, as its such a great looking mod.

  25. Well just to put out there, MMG PE was a total mistake to be released in the first place. It had the same physics every team.

    Hopefully CTDP 06 releases in the near future, and best of luck. I am sure it will be a great mod to play with.

  26. What you really would need is this

    Public Editon (Differnet physics per team)
    Server Edition (Same physics per team)
    League Edition (Blank Car Templates)

    That way leagues get what they want and need.

    Thanks Mates

  27. The reason why MMG is doing three versions is because some leagues don’t want to paint their own liveries, they prefer to use real life liveries. So we try to cater for all. Public edition has different physics for each car, server edition has the same physics for each car, but templates with the real life liveries and League Edition again has the same physics for all cars as over 90% of MMG’s certified leagues run it like that, but gives blank templates so leagues can paint their own cars and helmets. Server Edition will also include a zip with the templates of the helmets, so people don’t have to also download League Edition to get them. This was all three can be satisfied.

    I would like to wish CTDP and Andy all the best in the completion of the 06 mod. I look forward to trying out the Midland myself. The mod does look great. Great job CTDP.

  28. Hm good idea from You Phil. But Server Edition is really a thing that schould be well thought cause as it was with CTDP 05 and will be with MMG 2007 and 2008 it will be nearly the only thing on the servers.

  29. Just another question. As a Mark Webber fan and you using these ‘realistic physics’ – will cars retire realistically? I want to know this, so that when i race in the Williams, will it break down 9 times out of 10?

    Although i wouldn’t like this to happen to me personally, i think it would be good to have atleast realistic mechanical failures in comparison to the team.

  30. mechanical failures, afaik are set in your ingame personal settings. The chances of a car breaking down indeed is set in a mod, but how often it will happen its up to you. I think.

    btw i would like to ask andy hows going the things with the suggestions for the mod that i had given some weeks ago… 🙂

  31. The hard work you all are putting into this is very much appreciated. I hope it becomes THE definitive F1 mod for the forseeable future, and also that you each get to take nice long vacations after it’s released…

  32. ISI needs to hire CTDP and give them an early copy of rFactor2 so we can get a decent F1 mod to race as soon as it comes out! 😀

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