Safety Car Cockpit & Small Update

Andy’s been taking a few days off from being lazy (hehe) to get near completetion of the safety car cockpit 🙂

On another note some of you may have seen a sounds post on, the answer is yes they are from us but do not judge from that video, the sounds are still WIP and are also not meant to sound like the TCAM’s from the FOM onboard cameras in F1. They’re meant to sound like your in the cockpit of an F1 car with a helmet and ear plugs in 🙂

Main testing will be getting underway soon with 2 in team/beta testing races held a week over the 2006 championship callendar.

Feedback always welcome 😀

Thanks, Shaun

26 thoughts on “Safety Car Cockpit & Small Update”

  1. nice pic.

    So finally you make your own sounds that will be great cause standeards sounds arent that good.

  2. Wow, so you’ve finally decided to include your own sounds. That’s awesome! I am sure the end result will be perfect, in terms of (in order of importance) physics, sounds, and visuals.

  3. I heard that clip on site and have to say the sounds are abit of a disapointment, i know they are still wip but still sound very ctdp05ish, tracksound sounds like a v12 and onboard is weird.

    Its nice you have somebody working on them tho, but should try get your hands on some 2006 hi quality sound videos and grab some samples of there. 😀

  4. Its just my opinion, to top this mod off would be to have very realistic engine sounds, and any f1 fan can tell if they are truthfully honest with thereself that these dont sound realistic. You have the guy to make them now, so get some good v8 clips 😀

  5. But the thing is they are not trying to make them sound exactly like what you hear on the OB cameras. And are to simulate what you would hear if you had a helmet on, in the actual monocoque with ear plugs in. Which does affect how the sound is relayed to your ear drums.

    It is W.I.P anyway so you never know with how the development goes on with them. The critical thing with these sounds is that they are mixed alot better than most other sounds floating about. Other sounds available may have decent samples, but have terrible mixing.

  6. Might I suggest the sounds should be similar to Denizen and Plague’s excellent sound mod for CTDP05, available from:

    The sounds are very aggressive, very throaty and also high-pitched. Much better than the WIP sound on the preview, which are too metallic and not throaty enough.

    Perhaps you guys could get in touch with the creators of that CTDP05 sound mod, and bring them onboard to help give a different perspective to the sounds. For me personally sounds are more important than the visuals, as it is really the physics and the sounds which define one’s driving experience and ‘feel’ of the game.

  7. PS. The McLaren’s engine sounds in Denizen’s mods – unbelievably good to hear and highly enjoyable. Really gives you the feeling you are driving a 19000 RPM 900 hp beast. Which brings in another important facet to the sounds: ensure the engine notes are *loud* and powerful.

  8. I really dont agree, im not trying to be weird here or anything im just a hardcore F1 fan, and the sounds are the most important thing in the mod in my opinion. I just think those Denziens and new ctdp sounds are wrong and sound nothing like real f1.

    I really am not trying to be weird or saying anything bad about ctdp as your quality mods speak for themselves, i just hope and wish for great engine sounds, i really know its hard to get sounds alike in rfactor as ive tried and failed myself as trying to find hiquality sound clips are hard to come by, espcially to find them without crackling etc.

    Keep up good works guys, i know that you are perfectionists so im sure you will have a quality mod and hopefully engine sounds soon 😉

    Keep up great work 😀

  9. David you did the same mistake like Uzair. They dont build engine sounds they build sounds you would hear with a helmet and earplugs in. So you will never ever on this world get a sample for this.The only chance would be getting a real f1 race driver testing the sounds and telling you if its the same he hears in the car. Only external sounds are possible in that way.

  10. I UNDERSTAND that they are making the sounds to match what the driver would hear in his earplugs inside the helmet, NOT what we hear on the telly. But the same logic that you used about only a real F1 driver knowing those sounds holds the other way around: we can’t say that the preview sounds are accurate, since we don’t have feedback from a real driver.

  11. hi CTDP Team i dont wanna be rude but can u work on the safety car after the mod is released? i mean about the interior…i think that only the 1% of the people are interested to drive the safety car….u can release the mod first after the phisic is completed and then with a patch release the interior of the safety car…am i wrong?

    anyway from me always support and a big thanks for your amazing and professional work


  12. @roger82:
    We have the time to work on the safety car because physics are not ready yet. But physics don’t get finished faster if we would stop working on the safety car, these are 2 different departments. A “physic-maker” is not a big help when you want to model a car and the other way round is a “3d-artist” not a big help when you create physics.

    So for all:
    This safety car does NOT delay the mod more than it would be if just wait until the physics get ready. So please let us do what we like to do and how we want to do it. We were not the fastest in the past but the fact that so much are still waiting for a CTDP-MOD tells us that we have done a very good job in the past, so we see no reason to change our “way of working”.

  13. ok Codan thanks for the reply….its clear now…kindness like always…so ill just wait the big day…thanks again

    regards and support

  14. I’m not worried with the quality of the mod or all the eye candy stuff that it can have – I know that you guys will rock in this aspect! The mod has everything to be beautiful. I’m more interested in other aspects of the mod, so I have some questions here that I would like to ask about.

    Can CTDP2006 provide a decent baseline setup with their stock settings for the car?
    Just like F1C did and RACE07 does – a grip.svm setup and a trackname.svm setup, not meant to be fast but good enough to get started, driveable, and allowing us to feel the car handling properly.

    I say that because I didnt enjoyed CTDP2005 as much as I wanted to, and the 2005 miniseason was a good opportunity for it if I didnt had oher problems (not mod related). when I got into F1 rFactor leagues, the CTDP mod was already quite modified, having never driven it in its original state. When I did, no other leagues were running it anymore.
    Which was a shame, because I found myself doing good in a BAR Honda… the only F1 Car I didnt ever complained about – Ryan and Shaun knows how much of a moaner I am 🙂

    Another suggestion… can you guys do some graphic stuff for the setup screens?
    I mean, a better gear ratios graphic details showing the numbers for each RPM and Speed??

    Or could just clarify the default rFactor rpm vs speed graph for us, in the mods readme file?
    I find it important to know where you are adjusting your gear ratios properly to enjoy it.

    Because i find it hard to know where each gear should be atm – in GTR2 you have it scaled (with values) and you can see it here: and F1C:

    That way would be somewhat easier to setup the gearing. Because you could know WHAT ARE YOU AIMING FOR with them.

    One last thing, and very important IMHO. How can we work with our weight distribution without knowing the cars wheelbases and centres of gravity? Can this info be given in the mod’s readme when released? I find it very important because some ppl (like me) struggles to find a good balance to shift weight in a car when driving around the tracks, especially when you need to load weight on your tyres to heat them up. Sometimes I find myself having the same problem Sutil/Heidfeld is having now in 2008 with their front tyres. I think that since its a vital information that we should know (F1 Teams DO KNOW IT. Otherwise they would be on the same boat as we are) to get started with our car-setups. This can be valid for other car-setup areas, such as the tyres. Bridgestone certainly provides to the teams info about how to operate with their tyres.

    I know that at this point im being such a freak for being obssessed with the details but hey thats how I am. It helps me when dealing with the things, knowing every possible bit about the things. At least its how I do better at work – I’m a webdesigner.

    These were just my two cents, and I hope that I was useful or that my questions can be solved.

    KUTGW! 😉

  15. Thanks for that ideas!

    About the gear display, thing is it will resize itself after you break through the 300 km/h so the values are wrong if it resizes :(. But i’ll have a look at the osc later on!

    About setups and weight distribution. I think it’s not a big deal to share the wheelbase in the manual because you can read it in each HDV ;). I think we will share our setups after the testing phase,too but i have to talk to the testers if they want to give them out.

  16. @Ryan: Lol can i pay for it with 1 million of hot brazilian girls? 🙂

    @Andy: Thanks 🙂 I know that the gear display will resize after 300kph, but my experience (limited) tells that it only happens after adjusting 7th gear. If you find that it isnt possible maybe we could try a paliative solution. Perhaps we could have a fixed gear display, and then check the values if they are correct before adjusting 7th? Not a perfect solution but might work. This way they’ll be correct before setting 7th to go over 300kph, when it will resize.

    And with regards to wheelbase and weight distribution… I must admit that I’m a n00b when it comes to reading the HDV stuff 😛 Thats why I suggested to put these things in your mods manual, to keep the things tidy and easy to remember for drivers like me, or even the rookies to get started with the mod. If you still feel that it isnt needed to put there, could you mail me how to find these things in the HDV files? 🙂


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