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Hi there CTDP fans.

With work progressing we thought it might be a good time to show some more shots.  With steering wheels on the Spyker, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Ferrari more or less done since our last news on steering wheels.  Two shots showing a preview of what they look like in-game, and also showing a bit of the cockpit for the first time.

Note: These shots are still a WIP, and as such are not final, such things as LCD fonts, colours etc are subject to change, until all wheels have been finalised some things may change from what is shown.  

The screenhots shown however, should give a good idea as to what it will mostly be like, and if you don’t like it, now is the time to voice your opinion, raise any issues you may have, and let us know.



Regards from CTDP crew.

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13 thoughts on “Steering wheels”

  1. Hi guys! Excelent Job. I just saw the tires, and I think that in your previous and fantastic MOD 2005 they were much better, as far as I can see.

    In your CTDP 2005 I can appreciate a more realistic tire effect. As I see here the seems to be not so real (as 2005). It seems like other Mods I’ve seen.

    About sterring wheels…much better, they really look nice.

    Just an opinion. Good Job, and Thanks.

  2. Like Ripper I have to say the 2005 tires looked much better. They had a really nice, slightly rough 3D look to the textures. Every other F1 mod has had smooth tires, and with CTDP 2006 I hope we see tires as good as in CTDP 2005.

    The steering wheels look nice, is it possible to get shadows working on the dials and buttons, the same way the car casts shadows on the ground? That would be awesome, give a very realistic feel to driving in the cockpit view, watching the shadows move on the steering wheel as the car changes direction.

  3. Thanks for the feedback.

    About the shadows, the wheels are setup to be a shadow receivers, but it is not that finely grained as some other games, so only certain things are possible at that detail without it costing too much performance.
    When the car moves around, for sure you will see the shadows and lighting changing in the cockpit and on the steering wheel as you drive.
    The screenshot was taken with the light direction more or less from the rear and above at about 1 to 3 midday game time, so
    that it is shining onto the wheel to show the texture best, so there isn’t too much directional ingame shadowing in that instance anyway.

    About the tires, a tricky one to answer. Maybe one of the other members will answer it better as I wasn’t involved in that. My personal views:
    This is a very subjective topic, some like tires smooth like a baby’s behind, some like a good old scrub 😀
    Often “level of realism” gets confused with “personal preference”
    Personally I prefer the 06 version, especially the tire sidewall texture is more realistic IMO, and the tire thread just has a less worren look to it, I don’t see them as less or more realsitic myself. If however you think they are worse or less realistic can you explain specifically why you think that and suggest how they may be improved ?

    Note also that the screenshot is jpg so the detail is not best. They do looksomewhat better in game IMO.



  4. The steering wheels are magnificent! Superb work! However, that antenna on the STR is not exactly ideal when driving from the cockpit view… Any chance it can be made thinner? (Might not be 100% realistic, but in real life it won’t be in focus when looking at the road ahead while in the sim it will be as sharp as the background)

  5. Awesome work as usual.

    But the the wide angle for cockpit view really concerns me as it is one of the best features of CTDP 2005 Mod. In CTDP 2005 the angle cames PERFECT at 60 degrees of view. These screens seem to be much near from FSONE 2006 that I hate 🙁

    Any chance to get one forward mirrors optional set for those 4:3 users?

    Thanks for your hard work.

    Some day I dreamed that EA got FIA licence back and You and ISI are working together at F1 Challenge II – 2003-2008 🙂

  6. And yes, the cockpit angle in CTDP2005 is perfect. In fact, IMHO, the CTDP team really nailed a lot of things right with the 2005 mod, much better than any other F1 mod. I do hope they improve on 2005 rather than trying to copy other mods.

  7. Settings, such as FOV or how high you sit in cockpit are easily adjustable without mismatches to your own liking, so is not a problem. Each person will have their own preferences, but you can have whatever FOV you want.

  8. Thanks for your answer budy but it is not so true. despite FOV settings, I never got a good compromise from the other F1 Mods like I got with CTDP 2005… Even with all tweaking ISI-BMW 2006/2007 (for example) are too off and CTDP 2005 is just… perfect. Not even demand any setting at 60 degrees of FOV.

    Any hope about optional forward mirrors?

    Best regards.

  9. Wil. It may be the eye point in the cockpit ini file you are missing. It is possible to get exactly what you want in any mod. but there are several sources that can effect it. cam file FOV and coordinates. ingame FOV setting. cockpit file eyepoint, which defines how high, forward or backward you are sitting.

    When the time comes an should you not be happy with the coordinates remind me so I can tell you how you can tune it to your preference.

    About the mirrors, it has not been discussed yet internally, so I do not know, but will mention it.



  10. THanks for your attention and concern afborro!

    Im sure that I will get the most of this piece of work.

    Im glad to be heard about the mirrors, thank you so much!

    My best regards for you and all your crew.

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