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Well not much to show, we are working on the upgrades, finished the first teams for good, for example Toro, Ferrari and Midland. I finished all 8 Toro Rosso Liveries and hope to never see this car again. Andy is composing all upgrades for the car. We are also trying which we actually can use and so far our tests are promising to bring you a big variety.

We post more, when we have more to show to you.

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  1. About the mod.

    The performance (framerate) will be the same that CTDP 05? I think that this is very important. The FPS in CTDP 05 are in 60+ in a level mid-high with a medium PC, this is perfect.

    Good job and sorry for my english

  2. I’m not sure, but i’ve heard that the performance will be even better than in CTDP05.

    Correct me if i’m wrong πŸ™‚

  3. We have done a very detailed list for our mods about our memory consume. You’ll have to differentiate between the regular texture-set, that will have the same resolution as the 2005 mod has (1024×1024 textures). And the highres set(2048×2048 textures), which you can activate during installation, but is deactivated by default. This is only recommended for gfx-cards beyond 512mb VRam. For the regular textures the performance should be pretty much the same as with the 2005 mod. The highres of course will consume alot more as you can suspect.

  4. If your mapping scheme is the same as that in CTDP05. so you have 3x1024x1024 going to 3x2048x2048 Correct ?

    It will fit in memory for sure (just about, if I did my sums right) with a 512+ Mb vid card, but I have reservations about the performance on any PC with that extreme. I have a 1900XTX 512 Mb, for example 20 BMW 2007 saubers and external camaras already quite a bit of stutter,in the car fine, but that should give a hint as to what might happen, the bmw sauber is only one car with one texture set that has to be rendered 22 times say from an external camera at worst (assuming a full grid).

    I an understand if you were making one car but this is a whole mod.

    Now you will have a lot more textures and gmts to deal with, not withstanding the extra bump and spec maps also. It has always surprised me how many polys one can throw at rfactor, but textures, even with DDS and mipmaps still have their limitation.

    I don’t mean this at all in a negative way and I hope I am misunderstanding you somewhere. But even if you got a 8800 SLI rig this kind of performance pushing may be too high. Even with perhaps enabling texture detial reduction on wc materials, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of the very high detail skins.

    Just my 2 cents though, I could be wrong. but I hope that the logic is not one of whether it just fits in memory, and therefore used as a deciding factor to have it. it is as much about performance limitations in the rfactor rendering engine IMHO.

    If you can make it of course with that detail and still have performance more than I expected I will bow before thee as if you were a god πŸ™‚

    but even the great 8800 series cards people are not getting the most out of it with some mods already. Now if I understand you, this will mod will push those boundaries even more compared with anything that has come before.

    may be it is just for when driving a single car to showcase, could be fine for that, but I doubt it will render acceptable performance on any system currently available with a full grid.

    For sure, if indeed it is 3x2048x2048 I will be going for the 1024 option, even if I had an uber rig.

    All the best with the project though, I look very much forward to it no matter what, and correct me if I am wrong please in any assumption I made πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for your points, I hope you repeat them, when people start using 2048 textures on system that are not strong enough. Yes, we paint in 2048x2048x3 (plus spec and bump). We paint the cars for some time in this resolution although this will be the first mod where we give the option to try them. We will suggest the lower, we activate the lower by default, but if somebody wants to give it a try, we don’t stop him. If he starts complaining then, we can’t help it. πŸ™‚

  6. Will there be an option in the installation to select which texture size i want to install or do i have to download them seperately? I was a little bit confused after your post πŸ™‚

  7. I can’t give you a definate answer on this. It could work with just a switch in the installation, but this would mean a big filesize for stuff most won’t install. Therefore I rather think of a seperate addon. We will decide this during beta testing.

  8. I’m for a separate download, a sort of hi-res add-on pack. This should (yes, I wrote SHOULD: you never know what internet can bring :D) also avoid to have people asking “Why is the frame rate so low? Etc”. We know that not everybody knows what they are downloading nor they read a README file. πŸ˜‰

  9. Hello. First of all, congratulations to all of you, CTDP guys, for the superb job you are making.

    About the 2048 textures, I think the best option would be release a 1024 texture size full mod with all upgrades of each car, and all liveries, and all the job you are doing. Then, once the mod is released, release a 2048 textures as an upgrade or add-on option. By that way, people who have not high computers could enjoy all 1024 CTDP ’06, and people who have it, can enjoy the 2048 textures.

    That should be great.

    Sorry for my english and once again, superb job!

  10. i think that without any trackpack( i dont think that in next 2 years there will be any ) these upgrades are unimoortant.
    we better see realistic damage than car upgrades wich we can use only with few tracks.

  11. But if you’re driving in a league, you are driving the original tracks of the season 06, so it’s importnat enough to use these.

    Otherwise you can use these upgrades for non-F1 tracks, too.

  12. @ RobertsLV

    Well, you’re hopefully not crashing and damaging your car as much as you race it and see it when it’s on track, and therefore we have more joy of those car upgrades instead of more realistic damage. Besides, realistic damage is very hard to get right, I haven’t seen any game yet that is even close to realistic damage.
    And, I don’t think it’s good when you drive, say Monza, with big wings on your car, because that’s unrealistic

  13. I personally see it this way. At the moment we can’t implement realistic (!) damage, but we can include a very advanced upgrading system. So my vote was for updages and what can be realised best in rFactor.

  14. When will this mod be ready… i knew that it takes time!!

    We want to drive this in our liga..hope january 2008.

    Many People waiting of this mod

    Thanks for your work

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