Light – Superleague Formula 2009

It has been quiet here? Right? Wrong!

We haven’t posted alot, because for the past 4 months we got sidetracked with a new project with ISI, which was released today. ISI approached us with the possibility of producing the contents for an official Superleague Formula Game. Afborro led the project and modeled the car. Our 2D-Artists created 18 liveries for each car and additional textures. All in all we spent 3 months working on the game and one month for testing and tweaking with together with ISI. This game is the second project we did with ISI. Our responsibility was with the cars, physics and Alex also coordinated the efforts to bring all tracks up to a similar quality. The game provides very enjoyable driving, very different from F1-racing, more down to wheel-to-wheel driving. The quality, despite the short development time is fully up to our standards and when you play the game, you will see it has CTDP written all over it.

Some more news about the game and the series are on our website and at Over the next time we will do some entries about the Making of the Game. Stay tuned and try the demo. 🙂