Hi guys,

There was some silance the past few days. I’m sorry but there is not much to show atm. I did some tweaks on the shaders and cleaned up everything so that we have a smaller mod and less ingame resources used. The safety car is in a good state and shaun is already painting it. It’s already ingame but pretty rude atm so we won’t show it for now. I hope i can finish off the car itself tomorrow. The lightbar on the car is another story. Alex is working on a small surprise for the spinner and Arioch,Gonzo and Speed are working on the physics.

So that’s it for now.

Cockpit & Tcam Previews

Hey guys, We have been showing allot of progress over the last few weeks so i thought it would be good to get stuck into the real important stuff. 🙂 I’m sure your all wondering what your new “office” is going to look like when we get round to releasing the mod, well wait no longer 🙂

BMW Sauber:

More Inside…..

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