Changelog for Beta3

Beta testing still going on. Since the beginning of our bugtracking for 2006 we had 250 issues reported and about 240 are fixed. One or two hands full (depending on the number of fingers) is up for the next few days. Today Beta 3 was given to the testers and here is the changelog.

CTDP F1 2006 Mod rF – Beta 3
– 0000370: [Cars] Mirrors all cars can’t see behind (Afborro) – resolved.
– 0000400: [Cars] Reflection issues on Red Bull (WHAT21A) – resolved.
– 0000262: [Cars] Cockpit Steering wheel shift lights (Afborro) – resolved.
– 0000413: [Cars] Safety car wheels are ‘too shiney’ (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000399: [Cars] BMW: Driver names too small (WHAT21A) – resolved.
– 0000402: [Cars] Williams Driver Names (WHAT21A) – resolved.
– 0000403: [Cars] Tire Textures Lower Lods (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000395: [Cars] Ferrari: Italy frontwing issues by 656 (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000230: [Cars] Cannot get ingame with Midland/Spyker DX7 (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000253: [General] Tachometer Graphic Update (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000307: [Cars] Williams overall shape mistakes (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000404: [Cars] Mapping Issue Williams (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000396: [Cars] Renault Internal Sidepod whole (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000382: [Cars] Hole in Chimney on BMW (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000398: [General] Fsone sound missing in CC (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000393: [General] wrong path & dialog for uninstalling alpha-versions (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000394: [Installer] Installer (Neidryder) – resolved.
– 0000391: [General] Incomplete Credits list (Dahie) – resolved.

One more thing, the manual is still up, but I was also hit by time-constraints and so the manual will only be in English for now.

Changelog for Beta2

The second beta is given to our testers. The first run was quite effective I think. Many things where reported and the majority is already fixed in the Beta2. Untill the release there will be a scheduled Beta 3 and one Release Candidate. Thanks to the testers, keep up the good job!

Here is the changelog from Beta 1 to Beta 2.

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Another week of beta testing …

Another week of betatesting is over. We got about 30 new reports, mostly minor stuff, but we are on it. Williams will get some more attention, there slipped a few things. Shaun is just on Super Aguri, fixing some small bugs on the texture. Alex has finished the driver body and finished the showroom. I should begin work on the manual today, if I find the motivation (your call). The task nobody wanted to do, so we had to play inverse-russian roullete in the team: 5 bullets for 6 people, last man standing has to do the job. Lucky me.