Preparing number two: Ligier

I mentioned in the last post, there has been some discussion last weekend over what car will be put ingame next. McLaren was the first candidate, but it didn’t make my eagle-eye inspection. Lotus, although nearly done is getting some more attention and therefore wasn’t our next choice. Ligier was, as it features a simple livery and little to do in this regard. However as I was doing my reviews I noticed some proportion issues. I simply can’t let such things go and so I begged first Marco then Andy to address the issue. I can be a maniac with such things and I admire everyone who can work with me. 🙂

Andy was so kind and took the job, as he needed to update a few things anyway to bring the car to all it’s glory.

Here is a small gimick, a comparison animation between the car before and after the proportion update. the old car had some normal issues, the surface on the new version is much smoother. You can notice the slightly pointier nose as well. Most obvious is the longer sidepod, which begins more than 15cm closer to the front tires, as it did before. The rear sidepod was also changed slightly as some angles were too steep and are smoother now.

Click to the the animation

Andy concluded most of the work on the carbody. Next up are the jointlines between all bodywork panels on the carsurface. The textures are mostly done, but will get a small update to compensate for the mapping changes.

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3 thoughts on “Preparing number two: Ligier”

  1. Changes are indeed noticeable, even if the first model would have looked perfect to the eyes of someone like me: it’s good to know that you’re trying to make cars look as they should, even if the average user (which I think I am, when we talk about proportions and similar sthings) would never notice the difference! 😉

  2. Often we have internal discussions whether to fix something like this or leave it. Obviously it’s an extra effort, but I think when we do such a mod, there shouldn’t be a problem to walk the extra mile and get it right.

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