CTDP patch update and moving arms

Good afternoon,

Just to give you a little update to inform you that there will be a patch 1.2 to address issues that were raised in patch 1.1, things like the autoshifting and other bits that were mentioned. One small issue was raised so far, regarding a graphical bug in DX7, but other than that the 1.2 path will be 99% physics/upgraded/installer  fixes, no graphical updates, unless anything signifcant new comes to light.

Unfortunately, part of the problem with patch 1.1 that a siginifcant number of changes were made and limited testing, and while some things improved and fixed some new issues came to light.  

The installer for the moving arms was made to today by Codan, so that is in testing.  As I promised this for some time now I would like to release those before patch 1.2 .  I couldn’t really release them earlier, as the way they are implemented is through a very small package, and in light of some bugs raised had the arms been released, it would only have clouded the issue, but given the bugs are now understood, I hope to release them as soon as possible once we have had some more feedback from our beta testers. 

The arms are implemented via a switcher  config-tool, so that they can be easily added or removed with  a mouse click, and also to have the option to have them in tvcam and cockpit view, or tvcam only, as you wish.  If you don’t want them or like that feauture but would like to give it a try, they can be simply removed.

That’s all folks, thanks for reading.

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  1. Nice to hear that the moving arms are in testing.
    For 1.2 Patch maybe you can change Toro Rosso Textures? In 1.0 they looked great, but in 1.1 they look to dark IMO. The Blue Colour looks more like black.

    Anyway great work you all did. I’m looking forward to the Moving arms update and Patch 1.2

  2. Concerning the patch it may be worthwile to take a look at AI performance. My impression (confirmed in another forum) is that Toro Rosso drivers are much too fast (I had at least one of them in top 5 on 4 different tracks) and McLaren drivers are too slow.

    Less important: I noticed that time scaled mech. failures seem to cause problems as approx. 40-50% of the cars DNF due to blown engines.

    And there is one more point: when I’m doing offline racing I typically choose 1/3 of the real race distance and set all factors in the menu to x3. However the ingame graphical display of tire conditions does not show an increased tire wear as I would expect. Is this an issue of the mod or the game itself?

    Thanks and best wishes for the patch!

  3. Yea,I also noticed that Toro Rosso drivers are fast.Too fast.That needs to be fixed.That and the autoshift problem.I’m using keyboard,so it’s complicated to shift manually.With that and moving arms CTDP 2006 will be PERFECT mod.

  4. There is a work-around with the auto-shift problem, check the FAQ. It seems to ONLY be a problem with the Ferrari too.

    STR AI issue is being looked into, among other issues.

  5. Thanks for the info, Michael. One remark regarding the 3rd point of my last comment. I checked with MoTec after 6 laps on Monza (default tires) and tire wear factor 3. Only 6% wear on FL and 4% on the other tires. To me this seems to be too low (factor not working?), but I have not verified and compared it with other mods or tracks. And in 10 minutes there is F1 qualifying on TV. 🙂

  6. @Ahmad. There is no reason they shouldn’t work with 1.00 I had already made them back some time and the work was based on 1.0 to begin with, that said, I never tried since giventhe final build of the arms have only been tested on 1.1.

  7. One question about the reflections on the McLaren cars (T-cam view): what are they supposed to be? Clouds or trees? For me it looks like reflections of trees, which appears strange considering the viewing angle. It’s even more strange if driving on Bahrain cirquit.

  8. I was playing CTDP Bahrain 2005 earlier on today and indeed, the Torro Rossos were flying (AI set at 100%), at least in free practice…there might be a small issue with there 🙂

  9. Uff you’re wrong. As stated by afborro this addon will be released after the 1.2 patch when Beta testing be considered completed. As commented several times Moving Arms will not be included in any patch because it’s not a patch 😛

    I hope it to be soon.

    In adittion to others’s comments it’s truth that Toro Rosso performance it’s not ok (too high) and for full runs (about 57laps to Barhein)Too many cars have technical problems and they just stop once to pit.

    Thanks for this wonderful mod (the best for me).


  10. @creatorex: whoops, my fault: I read the update too fast and I missed that they may be released even before than 1.2 patch. 🙂

  11. Yep it will be before… sorry for my english after-before lol lol. F1 affects to my brain; F***ng drugs 😛

  12. Hello CTDP and afborro. I have a problem. I create a season for the CTDP 2006 with the championship track manager from CTDP. When I start the season (in the Bahrain International from CTDP) the safety car is one of the oponents.Can I fix this?Please help!! In the Bahrain track there is a small issue in Mclaren´s “windscreen”. Thanks

  13. regarding the championship-manager: what version do you use?! please send further comments about that directly to me (codan@ctdpworld.org). I don’t have the time to search through comments.

    the other issue: a screenshot would help.

  14. jejeje, a patch for the patch, are you a kind of perfeccionists??? HELL YEAHH!!!!!! 🙂 raise your beer and cheers for that!!!

  15. CapRace, one work around, you should try disable the safety car using the control centre first and foremost.

  16. I’ve raced offline 3 first races from the 2006 season with 50% lenght and everything set to x2 and AI pit stop only once on each of them. Is there any solution for that??

    Besides that this is the best mod i’ve ever playd.

  17. Try using the line in the PLR, and increasing it from the default

    AI Fuel Mult=”0.99000″,

    I never tried it, but this should work because we do not override that value in physics, , perhaps a value of 1.2 or so should shorten their stint by approxiamately by 0.99/1.2 laps on the same fuel as before if that line is intepreted as a fuel usage. If not try the opposite and a value < 1. Other than that this is a kown rF problem that AI do not pick clever strategies, they tend to fill up the tank and that’s it, and go as far as they go. That said, the AI drivers already have a smaller fuel tank in the AI upgrade compared with human drivers, but my suspicion is that it has not been reduced enough for it to be effective to get them out of this one pitstop window.

  18. Sorry a bit off topic, it’s not a problem but I looking for a way to do this. I always try to learn to drive in cockpit view, but somehow I feel quite uncomfortable and can’t drive a good time, and I think perhaps for me, the view height is not enough. So anybody know how to get the extra height ? I mean the view height can be adjusted more like 120 or 140 from 100 ? I supposed it can be done by some parameter in the game file ? Thanks !

  19. You need to edit the car_x.cam file, in localcam=cockpit
    {possition offset}, open it with notepad and make the changes, this is a trial adjust, but helps you a lot!!!


  20. Don’t know if I should post a wish for the patch, but I would highly appreciate if the “forwarded mirrors” of the Ferrari were placed a bit lower and more to the outside. The current position looks somehow distracting but without mirrors I don’t see these crazy AI cars anymore. 🙂

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