3D arms addon for CTDP 2006 1.1 released

Good evening,

After much waiting we release the 3D arms addon for CTDP F1-2006 1.1, thanks to Codan for the installer & configuration tool.  Enjoy 🙂


  1. Download from http://rapidshare.com/files/227051946/3d-arms-addon.rar or http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3B206XNA
  2. Extract the contents from the rar file and run the installer.
  3. If you made a shortcut when the installer asked you can launch it directly from there by double clicking on it. In case you did not make a shortcut, inside  you rfactor installation navigate to the  ModData\CTDP\CTDP06\3DArmsAddOn folder and double click the “arsmaddon” tool.  Note that  with the upcoming 1.2 release of CDP mod a button will show up in the ctdp control center after installation, from which the 3D arms config tool can be launched directly, but this does not function in the mod 1.1 release as more than likely the button will not show up.
  4. Pick the option to have arms in tvcockpit, arms in both tvcockpit and cockpit view, or no arms.
  5. Drive and enjoy.

Update: As of Version 1.2 of the F1-2006 mod, the 3D arms are already included with the mod and can be activated iwth the ControlCenter.

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34 thoughts on “3D arms addon for CTDP 2006 1.1 released”

  1. Dex, the issue you mentioned is a given in rFactor due to its missing support for animations. Hopefully you knew that before downloading this addon.

  2. Since I race from tcam view only, in open wheelers, I love it thanks! 😀 and blame ISI, not CTDP, for non arm animations k guys?

  3. No way, we have private lifes and we work on 94 & 09, so I don’t think anyone of us has time to do that for a single person, so what about learning to do it yourself? 😉

  4. lol well I doubt i’d be the only one to enjoy them, but I get what you’re saying, no problemo. Lucky the 09 cars aint ugly for me anymore…

  5. Hi CTDP

    I like your 3D arms and it was one of the most important addons which I was looking forward and couldn´t watit for the release. Now it´s out thanks for it.

    My question to you is, can I build 3D arms for every mod? and is this difficult?

    Bcause I drive in a champcar league an we use the 2006 champ car mod from IDT you there are no 3D arms. Next season for example we will drive the 2007 Mod so is it possible make 3D Arms for this one to?

    And I drive in a pro high F1 League with a 2009 Mod which is not public available. And for this
    one I would like to build 3D Arms once again.

    So is this all posible and are there any tools or add ons which I can import in my mods or I have to build it with .mas files?

    I hope anyone how now´s about it will answer me.

    Thanks for F1 2006^^

  6. Thanks for the feedback, but also “Sorry guys”, we all got plenty on our plate and any support for moving arms addons I cannot offer outside of own mod. What you do with them in your personal time and for personal use to make them work in other mods or is up to you. I got no problem with that, but you will have to find how in your own time. I am sure there are plenty rfactor modding forums around that will tell you and/or give tips.

    I don’t work on the tracks, so I can’t really comment on that or know about the latest progress exactly.

  7. PUDZIAN – Hi 🙂

    This is done via the engine.ini file so it would make your v1.0 install cause mismatches offline. The process to do this is due to the boosts being effectively reversed, this is the reason why the shift lights work from v1.1 onwards.

  8. I explain the logic in a bit more detail in this thread


    for those that want the info, leagues or people or that want it that way see the info I posted there. as Ryan said, for online you would have to make those changes in the dedicated sever too to avoid mismathes. but any such questions we wil not offer futher support and woud be best discussed in the forum.

  9. Hello, is any chance to put this addon in the bmw07 that you made?? or can you tell me how I add arms to that model?? Greetings!!!

  10. Hey guys… It’s been a long time since I’ve dropped a message in here. Missed you 🙂

    I think it’s good we get the choice if we want to use the arms or not I can tend to like em’ at some occasion and some not. The steering degree at 200* is great, thanks.

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